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5 Things You Can Do With Your Time Instead Of Hauling Your Stuff To Storage

Doorage is your choice Chicago storage company that takes the ‘rage’ out of ‘storage.’ Basically, we just make storing your belongings stupidly simple and easy.

Here’s how it works: Using our handy-dandy storage calculator, figure out roughly how many storage boxes and what kind you’ll need. Schedule a delivery and we’ll drop off your empty storage boxes for free (if you need more later or order too much, don’t worry. Whether we’re picking them up or dropping them off, empties are always free).

Take up to two weeks to pack up your items and document what is going into which box using your Doorage online account (you can even upload pictures to make it easy). Then, schedule a pickup and we’ll come pick up your stuff and take it to our secure climate-controlled storage warehouse. When you need it back, log into your account and pick what boxes you’ll need and schedule a drop-off. It’s seriously that easy.

So, why do you need this? Well, your other option is to rent a moving truck and haul your items yourself to the nearest Chicago storage facility (hint: it’s probably not close). This takes way more time and money than storing with Doorage — where, by the way, you only pay for the cubic footage you use. That means no more paying for a giant unit that’s half empty (or half full, if you’re an optimist).

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, Doorage! You saved me so much time and money! What should I do with all this time and money?!?!?” Glad you asked, pal. We’ve got 5 ways to spend all this extra time below!  

5 Better Things To Do Than Your Haul Stuff To Storage

1 – Watch Game of Thrones. Like, all of it. Like, all 63.5 hours of it. Seriously, you know you’re not caught up. Don’t be that guy that goes to work and gets spoiled on Monday just because you spent your Sunday night driving to some middle-of-nowhere storage unit. Also, don’t be that guy that goes in on Monday and spoils everyone. If you do, then let’s be honest, you deserve to be stuck in traffic while hauling your stuff to storage.

2 – Learn how to slackline. You know those jabronies at the park that jump up and down on that rubber band thing that they set up between some trees? As much as you roll your eyes at them, we know you secretly want to do it. There’s no time like the present, so order a slackline off Amazon, wait two days for it to get here, and then make the most of the now by hitting up some local trees and trying your hand at slacklining.*

(*If you’re not breaking any laws and you’re being safe and your body is able to do it and other disclaimers).

3 – Write a poem. We’ll right one too! Here we go:

There once was a man who liked porridge

So much so he needed some more-idge

But he bought way too much

Saw that our business was clutch

And now stores his porridge with Doorage*

*Another disclaimer, we can’t actually store food at our warehouse for safety reasons but we NEEDED A RHYME OKAY. Also, we don’t really know what ‘clutch’ means. Please send the nearest Gen Z-er our way to explain.

4 – Make an Instagram account for your pet. Because, why not? If there’s one thing your friends want, it’s more pictures of your cat. Trust us. They told us so.

5 – Do stuff that is actually worthwhile. Look, this is the whole reason we do what we do. We don’t want you to waste time that could be spent with your friends and family just so you can rent a Uhaul and drive an hour to the nearest storage facility and back. Let us do that for you. It’s our job, after all. Whether you’re catching up on a show, learning a new skill, or just eating dinner with your roommates, that’s so much more important than sitting in traffic.

Stop Wasting Time. Start Using Doorage.

So, what are you waiting for? The longer you wait to get started storing smarter with Doorage, the more time you waste. Head over to our storage calculator to get started today and leave the hassle of self-storage behind.


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