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Who Has The Best Storage Solution In Chicago?

When it comes to the best storage in Chicago, the number one thing you can do is ask your mom to let you store your stuff in her basement, because that’s free. But most likely, that’s not an option, because you would have done that by now and you wouldn’t be reading this. So, we’re giving you the second best option for storage in Chicago: us!

Doorage is a door-to-door storage solution, which means we pick your storage items up at your house, take them to our safe and secure storage warehouse, and then drop it back off to your door when you want it. (You can learn the details here.) Doorage is, by far, other than your mom’s basement, the number one storage solution in Chicago. There’s a bunch of reasons why, which we’re sure you’re dying to know. So keep reading to find out (or just get started storing smarter right now).

Why We’re Better Than Regular Storage Units

You only pay for the space you use

Haters gonna say it’s fake, but you really only pay for the space you use at Doorage. Because we store everything for you in our warehouse, you never have to pay for a storage unit that you only use half of. We’ll assess the volume of space that your items take up (our storage boxes are uniform, whereas something like a couch or bicycle will need a custom quote),

The more you store, the more you save

Perhaps one of the things people love most about us is that our price per cubic foot drops significantly the more space you add. Seriously, check out our pricing structure. Most storage units in Chicago have a standard price per square foot of floor space, and if you fill up your 10×5 unit, you have to rent a full second unit, even if you just need a little bit more space. Here, you only pay for the space you use, and the more space you rent, the less you pay per cubic foot.

We have a cool website

A typical self-storage facility website is pretty boring, likely hasn’t been updated in a while, and is probably hard to navigate. Why does this matter? Because it’s 2018 and there’s no excuse for that. We do everything online, and when you’re giving someone your money in exchange for a service, you want to trust that you can find the information you need on their website, log into your account, see what you have in storage, and all of those other things that matter to you. Plus, what other storage facility has the color scheme of a piece of watermelon salt water taffy? No one. That’s who.

We do all the work

When you choose a traditional storage unit, you have to do everything by yourself. You have to figure out a way to get everything there (which, in Chicago, can be a feat in and of itself). Then you have to load everything into your storage unit and go home. When you need something back, you have to journey out there again, rifle through your unit, try to remember what you put in which box, and haul it back home. We take care of all that for you, so if you need something, you don’t have to go on a journey to get it. You just log into your account, tell us which box you need (before we move your stuff to storage, you can catalog what’s in each box using your Doorage account), and we’ll bring it to you. No need to rent a truck or drive through the busy streets! Also, if you want us to, we can even take care of all the packing for you! Just let us know what you need and we’ll do it.

See The Doorage Difference For Yourself

At Doorage, we always put our customers first and do everything we can to remain the best option for storage space in Chicago. We are happy to offer perks and incentives for student storage, business storage, and storage for furniture, outdoor gear, and other large items that other storage companies might not take. Check out our service areas, and get started today!