As a parent, you’re probably well aware of how much stuff your child has. Between mountains of toys and plush animals to piles of clothes, and a little Tasmanian devil tearing through it all every now and again, it doesn’t take long for your child’s room to turn into a colossal mess. This, of course, can make trying to organize their bedroom — and keeping it organized for that matter — a challenge, especially if their bedroom is small. However, with a little creativity, inspiration, and a plan of action, kids’ room organization is possible.

At Doorage, we specialize in providing family-friendly storage solutions that make it easy for busy parents to free up some space in their homes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about organizing a small kid’s bedroom, you’re in luck! In today’s post, we’re going to share some tips that will help you conquer the challenge, both for their enjoyment and, more importantly, your sanity.

Kids Room Organization Ideas

Before you really dive into the organizing, the best way to start is by reducing the clutter in the room. Chances are there are plenty of toys, books, clothes, and other items that aren’t being used. Downsize it! Having fewer things to begin with will make organizing your child’s bedroom that much easier. Separate everything into piles of items to keep, toss, donate, or put into storage — if your family is still growing, you may want to save some items for your next little one to use.

With Doorage, you can put these unused items into storage without leaving your home. Storage containers are sent to your door for you to pack, and when you’re ready, they will be picked up and put into a safe and secure storage facility until you are ready to have them returned back to you. Once you have reduced some of the clutter, consider these organization ideas for small kids’ bedrooms.

Go Vertical

When it comes to small kid’s bedrooms, every inch of storage counts. Therefore, it is essential to take advantage of the vertical space to add more storage without taking up the entire bedroom floor. Shelves can be hung on the walls for stashing books and certain toys. If space allows, you can invest in a tall wardrobe for more vertical storage options in the room. Depending on the age of your child, incorporating vertical storage into their room gives you more control over what items are harder for them to access and which ones can easily end up strewn across the bedroom floor.

Look for Double-Duty Furniture

Small-space issues can be solved by choosing kid’s bedroom furniture that also serves as additional storage. Especially in a small bedroom, a bed can take up most of the space and make the room feel cramped. Luckily, there are plenty of beds and other furniture that come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and also serve a dual purpose to maximize the space in the room. With a little research, you can find beds that provide a stylish place for your child to sleep while doubling as convenient storage. Some of these include under-bed drawers, shelved headboards, or other convenient storage solutions. For a more cost-effective solution, simply slide some storage bins under their bed.

Tackle the Clothes

It’s clear that clothes can take up quite a bit of space. Folding clothes can take up a lot of valuable space in drawers, so hang them instead. Utilize the clothing rod in your child’s closet. Hang all shirts, pants, jackets, etc. If your child has a lot of clothes and the closet space allows, consider adding a second clothing rod. When you run out of hanging space, put the remaining articles of clothing in clear or labeled storage containers to keep the closet space organized. While the closet is a small section in the bedroom, keeping it organized will go a long way toward making the room feel less busy or cluttered.

Use One Wall for Storage and Play

If possible, it can be helpful to reorganize your child’s bedroom so that you can dedicate a whole wall for storage and a play area. This is particularly helpful for kids that are still well in the toy stage or even older children who need a spot to study and do homework. If your child has a wall in their bedroom with no doors or a window, try rearranging everything in a way that dedicates that wall and the surrounding area mainly for storage. If there isn’t a whole wall in their bedroom, find the wall that is the largest and start there instead. When the wall and area are defined, you can use cube storage shelves or standard wall shelves to create plenty of storage while still allowing room for play.

Keep the Layout Simple

It can be incredibly easy to overthink and overdesign your child’s room when reorganizing everything. It is important to remember who you are designing the room for, though. Picture the room for your child’s eye level and ensure that certain books, clothes, and toys that are within reach — maybe keep those louder, obnoxious toys stored higher for more controlled use. Small touches like removing closet doors, keeping storage containers on or near the floor, and lowering clothing rods will make the room all the more accessible for your child, which can help you teach them the virtues and values of keeping a tidy bedroom.

Don’t let a messy, unorganized kids bedroom overwhelm you. With just a few simple steps and adjustments, you can organize your kid’s room and maximize the available space.

Make Room With Doorage

If you’re getting ready to tackle a bedroom organization or home decluttering project but are short on storage, Doorage’s door-to-door storage is the solution that you need. Compared to a self-storage facility, Doorage saves you time and money while avoiding the headaches that come with renting a storage unit. Visit our site to receive a storage estimate or to learn more information.

Picture this: you arrive at the fanciest restaurant in town, and rather than spending time searching for a nearby parking space, or attempting to parallel park on the street, you hand the task off to a dedicated employee to park your car so that you can enjoy your meal. When you’re finished and ready to leave, the employee then retrieves your car from parking and delivers it back to you. There is no hassle or problems whatsoever. Valet parking follows a model that is convenient for those that need to park their vehicle. Very similarly, valet storage follows a model that is convenient for those that need to put their belongings into storage.

At Doorage, we provide complete valet storage solutions, meaning we pick up, store, and return your belongings when you need them. Compared to renting a self-storage unit at some facility, choosing Doorage’s valet storage services can save you an unbelievable amount of time and money. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at valet storage and if it is right for you.

What is Valet Storage?

No pun intended, but valet storage (literally) does all the heavy lifting for you. Valet storage companies like Doorage deliver all the packing materials you need, like durable secure lock storage containers. Additionally, they come and pick up the containers when they are packed and ready to go and will transport them to a safe and secure storage facility. When you’re ready to have your items back, they will deliver them right to your doorstep. What does this mean you have to do? Not a whole lot, honestly. Especially when compared to using self-storage services, valet storage does everything for you all while you stay put in the comfort of your home. While this may seem like a service for a luxurious lifestyle, it can actually be more affordable than renting a self-storage unit, too.

Is Valet Storage Right For You?

Self-storage facilities operate in which you get a space and pay a set rate for said space. The problem with this is that people end up paying for storage space that they aren’t necessarily using. Why? Typically it is because self-storage facilities are always trying to maximize the use of your space. Prices of self-storage units vary depending on your location, but in large, the average cost of a standard storage 10’ x 10’ — the most popular storage unit size — is over $100 a month. With valet services like those offered by Doorage, you only pay for the space that you use. Why should you have to pay for an entire storage unit when all you need to store is a set of skis or a couch? You don’t have to with valet storage! Some of the benefits of valet storage include:

  • An easy way to reduce clutter. Trying to free up some space in your home by reducing clutter can be difficult, especially if you don’t have adequate storage solutions. Valet storage is a quick and convenient way to store clutter that you may not necessarily want to get rid of.
  • Saves you time. Valet storage is a huge time saver. In addition to the packing, think about what else you would need to do to store your items in a self-storage facility. You’d have to purchase materials, load everything into your vehicle, drive to the self-storage facility, and unload it all. When you’re ready to get your items back, you are required to drive back to the facility, pack up all of your belongings, and transport them home. With valet storage, transportation to the facility, storage, and delivery is no concern of yours.
  • Keeps more money in your pocket. Using valet storage is a great way to save money. Not only are you not paying for an entire storage facility, but you’re only paying for the space you need — and there aren’t any long-term contracts involved. You also don’t have to deal with cancellation fees or any other hidden expenses. All in all, valet storage is a great way to keep your money in your pockets.
  • It is very convenient. We already know that self-storage can take a lot of time out of your schedule. Valet storage removes the travel time and the effort taken to move your items from your home to the self-storage unit from the equation, making it an incredibly convenient storage solution. Because the containers are picked up and delivered to your home, valet storage is the most convenient way to store your belongings.
  • It’s incredibly secure. Valet storage services are incredibly secure. In addition to the secure seal storage containers that you store your belongings in, the containers will be picked up and transported to a state-of-the-art storage facility with the latest security and safety features. Using valet storage is a great way to gain peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.
  • It’s very safe. You have probably heard more than enough horror stories of people getting burnt by scam moving companies. Valet storage solutions through a reputable storage company like Doorage is a great way to ensure that your belongings are safely stored.

Simply put, if you have things that you need to store, valet storage is right for you. When you work with a valet storage company like Doorage, your experience gets even better. Our process is effortless, quick, and can be controlled entirely through our online platform from the comfort of your home.

Learn More About Valet Storage Solutions

If you have items that need to be stored, whether you are trying to free up some space in your home or simply want to get items out of the way, valet storage solutions are the way to go. When you work with Doorage, you’re getting the best door-to-door storage services available. Get started today by using our free storage calculator to calculate your estimated storage value. Contact our storage solution expert if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about valet storage solutions.

The excitement of welcoming a new member to the family is a feeling that is unlike any other. A baby can bring so much happiness into your life, but the idea of getting a nursery ready for the arrival of your bundle of joy may be overwhelming — especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. Ideally, you would upgrade to a larger size home or apartment to make space for the newest addition of the family, but this isn’t always possible for expecting parents. More often than not, they will work with the space that they have.

The good news is that if you have a spare room in your house or apartment it can easily be transformed into a nursery with a little planning and effort. At Doorage, we offer door to door storage services that make it easy for people to free up some space in their homes. Our storage solutions are perfect for expecting parents that need to transform a space in their home into a nursery. As small as babies are, you wouldn’t think they take up a lot of space. But they do. From furniture and toys to clothing and gear, your little one may have as much stuff in the house as you do — and they haven’t even been born yet! While nursery preparation may seem daunting, fear not!

How to Transform a Spare Room Into a Nursery

So, Operation: Nursery is underway. You may have put some thought into what space you want to dedicate to the newest arrival in the family. However, if you have a spare room in your home, you already have an ideal space that is ready and waiting to be transformed. Our storage experts put together some simple tips for turning a spare room into a nursery:

Organize and Declutter

You may have some work ahead of you if your spare room is currently occupied as a guest bedroom, home office, or another useful space. It’s time to start going through everything to make room for the nursery. Of course, you’re not going to just throw everything in there away, so will need to find a new home for the items that you plan on keeping. If you don’t have storage space in your home, this is where door to door storage solutions come in handy. Doorage will send durable storage containers to your home for you to fill with the items you want to be stored. Once the container is ready to go, Doorage will pick it up and bring it to a safe and secure storage facility. This is better than renting a self-storage unit — with Doorage, you only pay for the space your containers take up. Whenever you’re ready to get them back, Doorage delivers the containers back to you!

Once you have found storage solutions for the items in the spare room that you plan to keep, go through what’s remaining and decide whether to donate it or throw it away. You can donate any unwanted items to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army, give them to friends and family, or try selling them on online social marketplaces. Once the spare room is clear you can start planning out everything that you will need to transform the space.

Decluttering to repurpose space in the home

Choose Colors and a Theme for the Nursery

You’ll probably want to change the color and feel of the room to ensure that it comfortably accommodates everyone in your family! The color and theme of a baby nursery can give the entire room a unique look and feel that your baby will enjoy growing and learning in. It is recommended to pick a color palette and theme that they aren’t likely to grow out anytime soon. Some popular nursery themes include:

  • Forest or nature – For a soothing and calm atmosphere, green is the perfect color. Woodland creatures or other nature themes can easily be achieved with this color scheme by adding fun toys and decor.
  • Beach or water – Whether you decided on a beach or under the sea theme, blue is a great color to go with. Similar to being near the ocean, incorporating blue into a room will make your baby feel serene and comfortable.
  • Minimalist and modern – For minimal and modern nursery spaces, many parents incorporate black decor and accents. Things can be kept simple by combining black with white or made more interesting with brighter shades.
  • Patterns and plaids – Patterns are also very popular in nurseries, especially plaid. Plaid can be used to create a lumberjack theme or a more simple space. Patterns used with neutral tones and minimal decor will make your nursery cozy and enjoyable!


Once you have decided on a theme or color palette, you’ll want to start looking for the essentials you need to get started.

Turning the spare room into a nursery

Get Furniture and Other Nursery Accessories

With your color palette and theme in mind, you’ll want to start filling the nursery with the essentials you need. To start, you’ll want to find a crib that meets safety standards and bedding, a changing table, and a chair — consider a rocking chair or glider — so that you will have a comfortable place to sit. Additionally, you’ll want to start incorporating decor, such as a rug, curtains, and framed images, to add some personality to the space.

You also won’t want to forget about storage. It’s crazy how the tiniest people need the most stuff — toys, diapers, books, clothes, gear, it all needs to go somewhere. Look for storage that will meet your needs both today and tomorrow. Open-bin storage is great to keep blankets and gear and can be easily transitioned into toy boxes as your baby grows older. Consider installing wall shelves near your changing table to keep supplies and adding bins and baskets to bookshelves to separate and organize various items.

There you have it! With some planning and effort you can easily transform a spare room into a comfortable and cozy nursery for your new arrival.

Get Your Nursery Ready With Help From Doorage

If you need to get a nursery ready, easily store the items you don’t currently need with Doorage’s door to door storage solutions.

The biggest, and most exhausting, part of moving is packing all of your belongings up and transporting them from Point A to Point B. This part of the process can quickly cause a headache, especially if you have larger or bulkier items that you are planning to take with you. Of all the things that most people put on their packing checklist, flat-screen televisions are among the items that are most difficult to move. Yes, transporting a flat-screen TV isn’t always an intuitive process, nor is it one you want to mess up — today’s high-definition can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, and repairs typically aren’t cheap. Make one mistake in the packing or transporting of your TV and you are faced with another expense in addition to moving.

While there is nothing inherently complicated about moving a flat-screen TV, it is the logistics that make the task a challenge. Flat-screen TVs are very delicate and require care and precautionary measures if you want to avoid causing any accidental damage. At Doorage, we provide homeowners with safe and secure moving solutions that don’t require working with traditional moving companies. We’re all about making moving easier, and in this blog, we’ll share some tips that will help you transport your flat-screen TV safely and avoid any problems.

How to Pack a TV for Moving

Compared to older, box televisions, newer TVs seem like a piece of cake to move. However, flat-screen TVs can just as easily be dropped, scratched, or damaged during the moving process. For the most support and protection, you’re going to want to have a box to put your TV. If you still have the original box your TV came in, great! But if you don’t, you’re probably wondering how to move a flat-screen TV without a box. In most cases, you’ll be able to buy a specialty box for your flat screen — just make sure you get the right size! Once you have a box, follow these steps to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Step #1: Take Pictures of Your Set-Up

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Before you start yanking cords out from behind the TV, take pictures of how things are currently set up. In addition to your TV, having a sound system, gaming system, DVD player, and other electronics creates a mess of cords. If you don’t document your current setup in some way, you could forget what goes where when you are ready to set your TV up at your new place. It doesn’t take long, simply use your phone and take pictures of the back of your TV as well as any other related electronics so that you know where the wires and cables were connected.

Step #2: Unplug All Power Cords and Cables

Once you have enough pictures, you can start unplugging and organizing any external cords. In addition to the power cord, you may have a bunch of other cables that you’ll want to keep tabs on. Labeling the cords and cables using masking tape and a marker can help you save time and avoid headaches when trying to set everything back up exactly the way it was. It also is helpful to keep these cords and cables secure in ziplock bags so they are less susceptible to getting damaged, lost, or tangled.

Step #3: Take the Time to Dust and Clean Your TV

While it may seem like a small, tedious chore, taking the time to dust and clean your TV before packing it up is essential. By removing any visible dust and debris, you’ll be helping ensure that scratches and other damages don’t occur during the moving process. There is nothing worse than taking extra caution only to find a large scratch on your TV due to a piece of debris. Inspect your TV and remove any visible dust or debris with a duster or a cloth and a mild cleaning agent designed for electronics.

Step #4: Wrap It Up

For extra padding, you can always wrap your TV with one or two blankets, depending on the size of the blankets and your TV. This will help protect the screen from scratches and other damages that could be caused by movers or packing material. Blankets made specifically for moving are available, but you can always use blankets that you have. Additionally, you could wrap your TV with bubble wrap. Whichever method you choose, make sure that the entire front of the TV is covered to fully protect the screen.

Step #5: Pack It Up

Once your TV is wrapped, gently place it inside of the box you have ready. Make sure to ease it in slowly rather than just letting it drop down to the bottom. If you notice any gaps that could potentially allow the TV to shift during the move, make sure to fill them with padding (t-shirts or dishtowels work great!). Once it’s in the box, tape the box shut and carefully load it into the back of your vehicle or on the moving truck. If you are using door-to-door moving services like those offered at Doorage, you can pack your TV in the durable, eco-friendly moving containers. Many people wonder if you can lay a flat-screen tv down to move it and the answer is simply no — this can be a recipe for damage. Your best bet is to keep the TV propped up during the move, instead of laying it down.

By following these steps, you should now know how to move a flat-screen TV by yourself. Keep in mind, TVs are expensive and if you are having second thought about moving it on your own, you may want to consider seeking professional moving solutions.

Rather than relying on a professional mover, consider using the safe, secure, and affordable door-to-door moving services offered by Doorage. We provide instant online moving estimates and offer solutions that eliminate the hidden fees and headaches that are typically associated with moving.

Whether you’re relocating to a new city or a new state, moving is a stressful experience. In addition to all of the organizing, packing, and planning required, you’re also tasked with finding reliable moving solutions to get all of your belongings from your current home to your new one.

Most people will seek help from a moving company, as there are many movers out there that will try to help make the process easier and less stressful. However, just as there are reputable moving companies, there are also so-called ‘movers’ that try to take advantage of their customers when they are feeling frazzled and overwhelmed with the moving process. While it may be tempting to go for a moving company with prices and offers that are too good to be true, be careful, it could be just that — too good to be true — and you could end up getting scammed.

Moving boxes and containers

At Doorage, we’ve heard far too many stories of people becoming victims to a moving scam. From being overcharged to never getting your items delivered, there are plenty of scam tactics that sketchy moving companies use to take advantage of people. Luckily, we offer reliable door-to-door moving services that will keep your move safe, smooth, and free of any issues. In this blog, we’ll share some tips to help ensure you don’t accidentally get scammed by a shady moving company.

Tips to Avoid Moving Company Scams

With the shuffle of planning, packing, and preparation demanding your full attention, Sketch-ville moving companies will attempt to earn your trust with low pricing and inflated promises of professionalism. However, by following these tips, you can avoid moving scams and find the best moving solutions to meet your needs, timeline, and budget.


Tip #1: Check to See If the Moving Company Has a Website

If you come across an ad from a moving company boasting low prices and professional services, one of the first things you should do is see if they have a website. If you search for the moving company online but cannot find a website, consider it a red flag and a possible moving scam. Reliable, established moving companies will have a website where you can find information about their business, the services they offer, and pricing.


Tip #2: Read Online Reviews

When it comes to looking for the best moving company, online reviews are your best friend. If a moving company doesn’t have a website, chances are you won’t have much luck with finding reputable reviews. When looking at different moving companies and their websites, make sure to spend some time reading the reviews. If a customer ever got scammed, ripped off, or had a terrible experience, there likely will be a review left regarding the situation. Read the bad reviews as well as the good ones to get a better feel for a specific mover and whether or not they can be trusted.

How To Avoid Moving Scams

Tip #3: Verify That the Moving Company Is Legitimate

Thankfully, there are many available resources online that can help you verify whether or not a moving company is legitimate. To start, check to see if the mover is certified by the American Moving & Storage Association. You can also check online directories such as the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, certified moving companies must have a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number, so use this resource to confirm the credentials of movers who claim to be certified.


Tip #4: Don’t Sign an Incomplete Contract

If a moving company asks you to sign a contract that is blank or incomplete with the assurance that the details will be filled out later, be extremely cautious and wary. Moving contracts should spell out all of the details of the transaction from the beginning, including a guaranteed price, delivery date, and other important information. The contract should clearly state that there are no additional costs or specific circumstances in which additional charges may be incurred. If you have questions about any parts of the contract or feel uncomfortable with certain sections, make sure to ask questions and get them addressed sooner rather than later. If the movers respond with answers that are less than satisfactory, this is a red flag and you should continue your search.

Avoid Moving Company Scams

Tip #5: Avoid Paying Cash

While most people use their debit and credit cards to pay for things, there are still some people who prefer using cash. However, when it comes to paying moving companies, you should avoid using cash at all costs. The only acceptable reason for using cash in this situation is to tip movers after they have completed the job successfully and impressively. Paying for the move with cash only, however, makes it so that there is no record of a paid transaction — if the movers are scamming you, they could disappear with your cash or worse, your belongings, pretending that you never even paid for their services. The best way to avoid these situations is to make sure that everything is traceable and that receipts or transactions are attached to the moving company’s name.


Tip #6: Avoid Movers Altogether and Instead Use Reliable Moving Solutions

The best way to protect yourself from a moving scam is to avoid movers altogether. Today, there are so many reliable moving solutions available that don’t involve working with potentially-risky movers. Take the door-to-door moving solutions at Doorage, for example. Doorage makes it easy to safely and securely move items from your old home to your new home. Offering guaranteed pricing, trucks dedicated to your move, and on-time pickup and delivery, Doorage creates a safe, streamlined, and stress-free moving experience.

When it comes to avoiding moving scams, the best rule of thumb is simple: trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, back away and look for better moving solutions.

Make Your Moves Easier With Door to Door Moving Solutions

If you are planning and preparing for a move, check out the moving solutions offered by Doorage. Whether you are moving across the city or across the country, Doorage can provide you with friendly, reliable, and affordable moving solutions.

Moving all of your belongings from your old home to your new home can quickly become overwhelming. It requires a considerable amount of time and careful planning to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible and that everything arrives safely. Far too often people arrive at their new homes only to find that some of their belongings have been damaged during the move. If you don’t want this to be your reality, it’s important to incorporate a few packing and moving best practices during your move.

Unfortunately, even with the most cautious packing and moving practices, all it takes is a bad moving company to compromise the safety of your items during the moving process. That’s where Doorage comes in. By taking moving companies out of the equation, Doorage offers a safer, more secure way to move. Our storage container moving solutions are simple. We send you containers, you pack them, we pick them up, and we deliver them to your new home whenever it’s most convenient.

Tips to Keep Your Stuff Safe During a Move

Our high-quality moving containers are constructed with a durable material and can be used to store just about any household goods. If you’re using Doorage, you’re already taking a step in the right direction towards a safer move. In this blog, we’ll share a few tips that will help further ensure that your belongings are safe during a move.

Develop a Plan

Before your moving containers arrive and the packing begins, take the time to make a plan and think about everything that you will be bringing with you to your new home. If you can, start categorizing and sorting your belongings by room so that you can easily pack the items together when the containers arrive. This will make it easier for you when it comes to unpacking everything at your new home. If you use Doorage’s storage calculator, you can get a good idea of how many moving containers you will need for the items you are bringing along with you.

Make a moving packing list

Take Inventory of Your Belongings

It can be far too easy to lose track of things during a move, and it can take a while to unpack and find everything again on the other end. To make things easier, consider taking an inventory of your belongings in advance. Making note of what is being packed and where it goes will streamline the process of unpacking everything once you arrive at your new home.

Use Extra Caution With Fragile Items

Just as you would when packing fragile items to haul in your vehicle or a moving truck, you’ll want to do the same for door-to-door moving services. Any of your belongings that can be easily cracked, crushed, shattered, or broken should be packed separately in their own container. These fragile items should be well-wrapped or padded in bubble-wrap or in soft items like blankets. These items should be packed carefully and properly labeled to ensure nothing is damaged during the moving process.

Don’t Overpack the Containers

When you are packing your moving containers with your belongings, avoid placing so many items in a box that the walls of the container begin to bend or bulge. First off, doing this will impact the integrity of the container, potentially causing it to either fail during the move or collapse when it’s placed in a state-of-the-art storage facility until you arrive at your new home and are ready to have your items returned to you. Secondly, overloading your boxes or moving bins may make them unnecessarily heavy. Evenly separate your belongings across the containers and bins so the loads aren’t too heavy for those that will be lifting them.

Avoid Packing Hazardous Materials

While most people know this, it doesn’t hurt to remind people that hazardous materials are not safe to move, especially when placed inside a moving container with other items and belongings. Avoid putting firearms and ammunition in these containers. Other items considered hazardous when moving include cleaning products, candles, pesticides, plants, and batteries. Some of these items can explode or cause fires when bumped or shaken.

Don’t Rush Getting Your Items Redelivered

One of the great things about Doorage’s door-to-door moving solutions is that you don’t have to have your items delivered to your new home right away. This is what many other moving companies do, but not Doorage! With our solutions, you have the option to keep your belongings in a safe and secure storage facility for as long as you would like. Believe it or not, your items are at risk of being damaged if they sit inside moving containers inside your home. Take your time getting settled into your new home, getting the essentials unpacked and putting everything in place. Then, when you are ready, simply have your other belongings returned to you. This will really help you manage the amount of clutter you have in your new home.

Though moving is always challenging, proper planning and packing can help you keep your belongings safe and also relieve some of the inevitable stress. Don’t put the safety and integrity of your belongings at risk by hiring a sub-par moving company. You don’t want to be just another victim of a terrible moving experience. Your peace of mind will only be increased when you use Doorage’s full-service valet moving solutions.

Discover Door to Door Moving Solutions from Doorage.

National moving companies can end up costing you an arm and a leg. Moving brokers promise low prices, but end up costing you more — more time, grief, damage, and hidden fees. With Doorage, there’s no more guesswork revolving around the cost of your move. We will always provide clear, upfront pricing for your local or long-distance move. Get started with our simple pay as you go moving or take a quick run through our easy online move estimate and booking process — both will provide you with an instant moving quote and online bookings. Reserving local or cross country moving services while avoiding hidden fees and headaches have never been more simple!

When it comes to moving, chances are you’ve used cardboard boxes to pack up items before. Most people tend to gravitate towards using cardboard moving boxes because they allow for easy stacking of packed items, but there are now better options out there to keep your belongings safe and protected. Plastic moving containers have saved many people from undue stress and hardship, especially when moving between homes. They not only allow for easier and stress-free packing, but they provide a solution that makes it possible to compartmentalize household items effortlessly for easy sorting later on.

At Doorage, we offer storage container moving solutions that make getting your belongings from Point A to Point B easier than ever before. Doorage makes it possible to pack up and store your belongings without having to leave your home. Once you determine how much you will be storing, Doorage will deliver durable plastic moving crates at your doorstep. When you have your moving crates packed, Doorage will pick them up and bring them to one of our state-of-the-art storage facilities. When you arrive at your new home and/or are ready to have your items delivered back to you, Doorage will deliver the moving containers back to you and pick them up when you have everything unpacked.

Plastic Moving Containers: The Solution to Moving

Gone are the days of flimsy cardboard boxes — our plastic moving crates are guaranteed to keep your belongings safe and protected. Compared to cardboard boxes, plastic moving containers are more durable, eco-friendly, secure, affordable, efficient, and are available in a variety of sizes. These containers are just a small portion of what makes our door-to-door moving solutions so great. There are many advantages to using plastic moving containers for your move. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the features and benefits of our plastic storage bins that are sure to help ease any worries you may have.


Our plastic moving crates are constructed with a quality, highly durable plastic material. You can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure when packed inside these containers. They are water-resistant, so you can store electronics and any other important items without worry. Moreover, they are resistant to insects and mold. The lids on these plastic storage bins have an incredibly tight seal to increase durability, which strengthens the protection of your belongings. Lastly, plastic moving containers can bear much more weight than cardboard boxes and other types of storage containers — you can put heavier items inside without having to worry about the bottom breaking out.

plastic moving containers


Because our plastic storage containers are incredibly durable, they are reusable, and therefore they are environmentally-friendly. Cardboard boxes can easily become damaged while being transported and will not be able to be used again. Plus, due to the fact that it can take a little more time and effort to recycle or resell the material, tons of cardboard boxes are thrown into trash dumpsters each year rather than being properly recycled. Our everyday choices have an impact and we truly can help the environment by being more conscious of our own environmental impact. Even a simple thing like using plastic moving bins can make a difference.


At Doorage, our plastic moving bins are available in a variety of dimensions to meet your exact needs. The different sized containers we offer can be used to protect any sized household item, such as a lamp, a television, glassware and dishes, and so much more. You can choose from smaller plastic totes to large plastic bins that can store various belongings at once. To determine what size of moving containers you will need, use our storage calculator.


Moving takes enough time as it is. When you buy cardboard boxes, you will have to take the time to assemble each box before you can put anything into them. Plus, you have to tape up each box after it has been packed. Our plastic moving bins arrive to your doorstep ready to go — there is absolutely no assembly required. And, with Doorage, you don’t have to worry about transporting these bins. When they are packed and ready to go, we’ll pick them up for you. Doorage’s plastic moving crates and door-to-door moving solutions allow for a much quicker, stress-free move.


When moving between homes, moving boxes are among the last things you want to go out and spend money on. They will likely only be used once and then thrown away. Doorage’s plastic moving containers can help you save money in a couple of ways. To start, you won’t have to go out and purchase cardboard boxes on your own. Secondly, these containers don’t need to be picked up and transported by hired movers. And thirdly, you only pay for the space your container takes up while stored at our storage facility. In the long run, using our plastic storage container moving solutions can save you money.


When moving, you’d prefer that your belongings remain secure. As you know, cardboard boxes are by no means secure. If water comes into contact with the box, the contents inside could potentially be ruined. Cardboard boxes are also much easier to get torn into, which compromises the safety and security of your belongings. As mentioned above, our plastic moving containers are incredibly durable and have a tight, secure seal that will prevent any theft, damage, or other risks.

Planning a Move? Make Things Easier on Yourself With Door to Door Moving Solutions from Doorage

With Doorage, you never have to worry about the safety and security of your belongings during a move again. We specialize in student, apartment, whole house, and office moves — whether it’s across the city or across the country. Stop wondering how much your move will cost. We provide instant online estimates and bookings for both local moves and cross country moves. You can even book your move in minutes with our ‘pay as you go’ plan

A long-distance move is challenging by itself. Add pets into the equation and it becomes even more complex. While your dog or cat may generally be calm and happy at home, moving cross country can put a cramp in your furry friend’s style. After all, you are not the only one that gets stressed from all of the continuous errands, piles of boxes, and a slowly-emptying house.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your dog or cat is comfortable throughout the packing process, on moving day, and during the transition to the new home. At Doorage, we’re all about making moving easier with our door to door moving solutions. Continue reading to learn how to make moving long-distance with cats or dogs easier and avoid overstressing your pet.

During the Packing Process

Packing can be one of the most stressful parts of moving, for both you and your pet. All of the commotion caused by moving things around can make both dogs and cats – especially sensitive ones – nervous. Here are a few things you can do to get your pet ready for a long-distance move during the packing process.

Pack Up Your Pet’s Items in a Separate Container

In addition to packing up all of your belongings during this stage of the moving process, you’ll want to be sure to get your pet’s belongings packed up as well. The container will likely be kept in the car that you and your part are traveling in, so make sure you don’t forget any essentials that could make the ride more comfortable, including food and water, dishes, treats, blankets, toys, etc. Having these items ready to go come moving day will help ensure your pet has a trip with minimal stress.

moving with a cat

Get Them Used to a Crate

If you don’t plan on letting your pet roam free in your car, you’ll definitely want to get them used to a crate or carrier. If you plan far enough ahead of time, you can get your pet accustomed to using a crate, which would definitely come in handy for a long-distance move. If your pet is not used to crates, be patient. They can be an incredibly frightening aspect of an already frightening experience.

Start Making Your Car Cozy

While you are packing all of your belongings, you’ll also want to consider how your vehicle will be arranged. Ideally, you should have a comfortable and safe space for your pet to lay or sleep. If you plan on using a crate, make sure your vehicle has enough room for it. Dogs tend to need a lot of human touch, so try to create a space in your car that is close enough to you that they can be reached for a quick pet. Similarly, cats should be kept in an area where they can see you. Take the necessary measures during this time to make sure that your pet is comfortable.

On Moving Day

When moving day finally arrives, you’re definitely going to have your hands full. With movers arriving at your home and packing up everything into your car and the moving truck, there certainly is a lot going on. However, it is important to take the time to make sure that your pet is comfortable and ready for the long haul ahead.

Keep an Eye on Your Pet

The last thing you want when you’re about to embark on a cross country move with a dog or cat is to lose them on the day of your departure. Unfortunately, losing a pet is far too easy on moving day. With people going in and out of your home, it can be easy for your pet to get outside and run off. For that reason, you should place your pet somewhere safe where they can’t escape. You can put them in a back room that doesn’t need to be opened, an enclosed yard, or a crate. You could also get someone to watch your dog or cat while you are loading up everything.

Make Sure They Get Plenty of Exercise

Depending on where you are moving from and where you are moving to, you and your pet may be cooped up in your vehicle for a while. For this reason, it is important that they get plenty of exercise on moving day. Even if it means getting up earlier in the morning that you’d like, take the time to exercise your pet. This could be a walk around the neighborhood with your dog or using small toys to get your cat running around. When pets are well-exercised, the day will be much less stressful for them, not to mention it will give you a nice jolt of endorphins.

moving with pets

Give them Extra Attention

If you are utilizing a professional moving company or door to door moving solutions you will have plenty of time to give your pet some extra love and attention. Giving your pet attention is incredibly important on moving day, with strangers in your home and a lot of activity. Ideally, you’ll want to keep them in a calm environment with people they are used to being around. Encourage play with their favorite toys, toss them their favorite treats, or simply sit down and give your furry friend a good pet.

During the Move

Once everything is loaded up and you’re ready to go, it’s time to hit the road with your pet. Here are a few tips that will make the trip to your new home easier.

Take Breaks

Your pet needs bathroom breaks too, so be sure to offer them often. For dogs, bathroom breaks are as simple as stopping at a nearby rest stop to let them do their business. For cats, on the other hand, you’ll need to figure out a litter box situation. Ideally, you will want a travel litter box that is large enough for your cat to sit in, but small enough to fit in their crate or carrier. If you are going to be staying in hotel rooms during your move, make sure you take the necessary steps to allow for bathroom breaks.

moving with a dog

Keep Tags On

It’s unlikely that your pet will break free and go missing, but if they do, you want to be able to find them. Make sure your pet has a collar with an ID tag on them. Since you are moving, your address may not be as important as phone numbers. It is best to use the tag space for your phone number, as well as your partner’s number if applicable, or if not, the phone number of someone back home or in your new home.

Start Making Your Car Cozy

While you are packing all of your belongings, you’ll also want to consider how your vehicle will be arranged. Ideally, you should have a comfortable and safe space for your pet to lay or sleep. If you plan on using a crate, make sure your vehicle has enough room for it. Dogs tend to need a lot of human touch, so try to create a space in your car that is close enough to you that they can be reached for a quick pet. Similarly, cats should be kept in an area where they can see you. Take the necessary measures during this time to make sure that your pet is comfortable.

Your pets are family, so of course, you want to make sure they are comfortable during a long-distance move. Taking your pet’s personality and stress into consideration will make your relocation more enjoyable for you as well as them.

If you’re moving long-distance, you can make the experience more enjoyable for both you and your pet with door to door moving and storage solutions from Doorage. With Doorage, you pack your belongings into eco-friendly storage containers, have them professionally stored and then delivered to your new home whenever you are ready for them. This will give you less to do on moving day and will create more room in your vehicle to ensure that your pet is comfortable while driving to your new home. To learn more about storage and moving solutions from Doorage, give us a call or send us an email today.

Move To Your New Home With Door to Door Moving Services

With door-to-door moving solutions from Doorage, local moves have never been easier. Rather than working with a moving company or trying to move everything yourself, Doorage offers a more convenient, affordable, and hassle-free way to move your belongings to your new address. Learn more about how door-to-door moving works.

Thinking about relocating to Chicago? You’re not alone! With a vibrant culture, passionate sports scene, thriving nightlife, ample public transportation, and plenty of diversity, there really is no wondering why so many people choose to make the third-largest city in the US their home.

If you are debating a move to, have already bought a home, or signed a lease for an apartment in the Windy City, you likely already have an idea of the great features the city has to offer. Nonetheless, there are some important things to keep in mind before you pack up your things and head to the largest city in the Midwest. Below, we share some tips to help you better prepare for your move to Chicago.

Chicago skyline

Choose a Neighborhood

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to consider where you want to move in Chicago. Believe it or not, this decision can become incredibly overwhelming. Chicago has a total of 77 neighborhoods and nine districts, each with their own mix of culture, history, attractions, and personality. You’ll find that many of these neighborhoods have loyal residents — some having family in the area going back generations. If you want to have the best experience as a Chicago resident, it is important to choose a neighborhood that fits both your personality and identity. Millennials typically are attracted to northern and northwest neighborhoods, such as: Wrigleyville, home of the Chicago Cubs; River North, a nicer neighborhood closer to the Central Business District; or Bucktown, which offers an eclectic northwest downtown experience. If you have a family and desire lower housing costs as well as more space, consider living outside the city. There are plenty of beautiful family-friendly Chicago suburbs that provide a more peaceful environment and are close to schools.


Familiarize Yourself With Public Transportation

It won’t take long after your move before you realize how expensive parking can be in Chicago. Plus, when you get into the city the traffic can be dreadful. For this reason, many people choose to not drive their car as often — and sometimes sell it — and instead ride their bikes, take the train, or bus. The Chicago Transit Authority, or CTA, is a great way to get to just about any corner of the city. However, maps and routes can be confusing at first glance. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the CTA map and all of the different colors for each route as well as stops where you can transfer lines. Soon enough, you’ll be an expert with the trains and can incorporate the bus routes to make commutes or getting around the city a piece of cake.

cozy Chicago home

Prepare for the Cold and Windy Conditions

It’s no secret that Chicago has bone-chilling wind, snow, and freezing cold weather in the winter. Being right near a lake, Chicago winters can be cold — very, very cold. It’s hard to enjoy walking to the train in subzero temperatures and ankle-deep snow. Before you move, make sure that you have winter clothes readily available for when the temperatures begin to drop. And when winter does roll around, make the best of it. There are many activities the area offers that can make your winter bright and fun. Before you know it, winter will be over, the sun will come up, and you’ll get a taste of the glorious 80-degree weather.

deep-dish Chicago pizza

Experience the Delicious Grub

Deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef — if you consider yourself a foodie, you’re going to love living in an area that has a unique selection of food for virtually any palate. Chicago is home to well over 8,000 restaurants but these famous local dishes are ‘must-haves’ for any Chicagoland resident: a beloved beef sandwich at Al’s Beef; deep-dish pizza from Giordano’s; a juicy cheezborger from Billy Goat Tavern; and a Chicago-style dog from Portillo’s. There are so many restaurants to try — you’re likely to find some ‘new favorites’ during your time living in The Windy City.


Enjoy the Festivals and Events in the City

Chicago’s event schedule is very busy. While the recent health pandemic has altered the schedule, the city is home to annual celebrations of the fine arts, culinary arts and performing arts. Lollapalooza, the famed music and culture festival, brings three days of fun and music to the city in the summer. Crowds are drawn to the city in the Fall for the various premieres and events launched at the Chicago International Film Festival. No matter what time of year, Chicago tends to always have some type of event, festival, or celebration taking place.


Go to at Least One Sports Game

Chicago is a sports town. You’ll find that many Chicago residents are loyal, passionate, and die-hard sports fans. It’s in your best interest to jump on the train and become a loyal and passionate fan — or at least pretend to be — and start rooting for Chicago’s professional sports teams. Depending on what area you live in, you may lean towards routing for the Cubs or the White Sox, but with no debate, the Bears are the favored team for the NFL, the Blackhawks for the NHL, and the Bulls for the NBA. No matter which team you root for, the Chicago sports scene is a fun and competitive way to enjoy time with friends and family.


Find Storage Solutions in Chicago

With Chicago being the third largest city in the nation, finding available and affordable storage facilities can be challenging. And if you’re living in the city, chances are you are going to need a place to store any additional belongings that your home or rental doesn’t have the space for. Luckily, Doorage offers a solution. Similar to door-to-door moving, Doorage offers door-to-door storage solutions that make moving to Chicago a breeze. It’s very simple. You start by estimating how much storage space you will need by using the Storage Calculator. Then, Doorage will send durable, eco-friendly storage containers to your home. Pack these containers up before you move and when they are ready to go, Doorage will pick them up. You choose when you want your items delivered to your new address. Until then, Doorage will keep your belongings in a secure, state-of-the-art storage facility.

You’ll be sure to enjoy everything Chicago has to offer as a new resident, especially when you follow the tips above. No matter where you’re moving from, chances are you could use some help with moving and storing your belongings. If that’s you, you can make your move to Chicago easier by utilizing the affordable moving and storage solutions offered by Doorage. Get started today or contact us to learn more!

To let Doorage help with all of your needs, click on storage or moving to get started.

Even if you are planning to move locally, there is still a lot of planning and organizing that needs to be done in order to make the move as easy as possible. If you want to ensure that you are ready to go on moving day, it is important that you start far enough in advance of your move date.

In our last blog post, we shared a moving checklist that covered some of the most essential tasks to complete both two months and one month prior to your move date. If you’re a week out or days away from your moving day, make sure you have everything on this checklist completed!

1 Week Before The Move

You should already have the tasks from our last checklist finished. The handful of days you have prior to your moving date should be used to ensure that the items on this list are taken care of.

Get Rid of Any Hazardous Items

If you haven’t already, get rid of items that are corrosive, flammable, poisonous, or not safe to move with. There are a lot of specific ways to dispose of hazardous items, such as those found in your garage, so make sure you do so properly.

Start Taking Down Electronics

If you have certain electronics that you have still been using, you should start getting them ready for transport a week before the move. If you don’t want to struggle with setting up all of your electronics in your new home, take a quick photo on your phone of how the wires are arranged. This will make setting up computers, televisions, and gaming systems in your new home a breeze.

kitchen storage

Pack Up the Items in Your Pantry

Don’t let your pantry go to waste. Defer any extensive baking and cooking plans until after your move — this is the time to indulge in some tasty take-out! If you come across any unopened food that you won’t be using, consider donating it to the local food pantry.

Update Subscription Services

You should have already notified the post office of your address change. If you haven’t already, update your address for the items that are delivered to you. Update your address for any newspaper or magazine subscription services. You should also update your workplace on your new home address.

Do a Deep Clean of Your Home

It may not be your first instinct to clean the property you’re about to leave, but tidying up is an important step of the moving process. Performing a final clean of your place will not only help your odds of getting your security deposit (if applicable) back, but it also gives you the chance to locate any items you may have missed while packing.

The Day of The Move

Can you believe it? Today is the day! By now you should have completed the necessary tasks two months, one month, and one week prior to your move date. Now it’s time to finalize everything and head to your new home!

Keep Essential Items Handy

Even for a local move, it is nice to have essential items handy. Put together a bag of essentials and transport it in your personal vehicle so that the items you need don’t get lost with your other boxes.

Make Sure Nothing Gets Left Behind

We’re sure you’ve already completed this step multiple times, but it doesn’t hurt to do one final walkthrough to ensure that nothing was missed. Your refrigerator should be cleared and all of the cabinets, closets, and drawers should be empty. Check all rooms, and other indoor and outdoor spaces to be sure you didn’t miss anything.

moving truck

Load Up All of Your Boxes

If you’re using a moving van or truck you’ll need to load up all of your boxes and belongings. It may be helpful to have some friends or family members help you with this process as it can be quite strenuous. If you’re using door-to-door moving services, like those we offer here at Doorage, you should have scheduled your moving containers to be picked up. You don’t have to worry about doing any heavy-lifting — the door-to-door movers will pick up your containers and deliver them to the proper destination when you are ready.

Head to Your New Place

Once everything is packed and ready to go, you can get in your car and head to your new home! Before you do that, though, take the time to say goodbye to the property you are vacating your own special way. We make a lot of memories in our homes and it is nice to remember and reflect upon those that happened at your old home as well as look forward to those that are to come in your new home.

Start Unpacking When You Arrive

Once you arrive at your home, do a quick walk-through of your new home to make sure that everything is in place. If everything looks good it’s time to start unpacking — yay! You definitely don’t have to unpack everything, but it is a good idea to put away any perishable food items that you may have brought along and unpack any fragile items or anything that you would like to use in the next 24 hours. If you use door-to-door moving services, your items will arrive when you scheduled them, which can be helpful in preventing the unpacking process from becoming too overwhelming.

Moving is a long, drawn-out process, but there is no better feeling than arriving at your new home! Once you get settled in and are close to having everything unpack you can truly start to enjoy your new home and all the amenities that come along with it.

Move To Your New Home With Door to Door Moving Services

With door-to-door moving solutions from Doorage, local moves have never been easier. Rather than working with a moving company or trying to move everything yourself, Doorage offers a more convenient, affordable, and hassle-free way to move your belongings to your new address. Learn more about how door-to-door moving works.