Be Prepared For the Big Move

Moving boxes in a living room

An estimated 27.1 million Americans moved in 2021. Are you planning to join those ranks in 2022?

If so, you might be thinking about hiring a door-to-door moving team to help you relocate. With this comprehensive service, our movers will take care of all of the work required to securely transition your belongings from one property to the next. That’s right: We’ll pack everything up, take care of transportation, and carefully unpack it at your new address.

On the fence about this service and wondering if you really need it? Today, we’re sharing six reasons why the answer is a resounding yes.

1. Reserved and Guaranteed Services

Let’s face it. Moving is challenging enough.

You don’t need the added headache of wondering when your movers are going to show up, or if they’ll show up at all. Think of all that you could be doing instead of waiting by the window or checking your phone every few minutes for an update.

You need a reliable and efficient team that will arrive at your doorstep precisely when they say they will. With our platform, you can reserve local or cross-country moving services in minutes. We’re ready to help, and we’re respectful of your timeline.

If we say we’ll be there, you can count on us to arrive on time on your scheduled pickup and delivery dates. We won’t give you a broad time window or estimate, requiring you to block off your entire day to accommodate our schedule. We thrive on efficiency, and we can help you do the same.

Plus, you never have to wonder if the price you see will line up with the price you pay. We’ll never tack on hidden fees, upcharges, or surprise expenses. Our quotes are available instantly, and they’re always transparent.

2. Less Stress on You

According to a recent survey of 1,000 Americans, 45% believe that moving is the most stressful event in life. They even ranked this event above having kids or even starting a new job!

We get it, and that’s why we’re here to help. Long-distance moving can be especially challenging (we can help with that too!)

The days leading up to your big move don’t have to be harried and hurried. You deserve the opportunity to catch your breath, iron out logistics, and plan for the future. That can be hard to do when you’re up to your eyeballs in packing tape and boxes.

When you hire our professional door-to-door moving service, you never have to worry about any of those details. It’s liberating to relinquish that control and can take much of the stress out of the situation.

3. Pay-as-You-Go Flexibility

As an alternative to our online move estimate and booking process, we also offer a convenient Pay-As-You-Go service. This option allows you to scale your moving expenses and only pay for what you need when you need it.

Once you choose the number of movers you need, you can let us know what day and time you’re planning to move. Then, you’ll just enter your pickup and drop-off locations, and how much time you anticipate the move will take. It really is as easy as it sounds.

At the end of the day, we can take you where you need to go, but you’re always in the driver’s seat. We’ll make sure you have everything you need, at a price you can afford.

4. Get the Job Done Faster

Chances are, you don’t want to spend weeks of your life moving. You don’t even want to spend days or even hours laboring away at the task! You have important things to do, and other matters to attend to.

If you want to take a partial DIY route, we’re happy to supply you with all of the reusable moving boxes you need. However, we’re also here to take the reins over completely if you want us to. You want to be in your new home or office location as soon as possible, and we have the tools and resources to get you there.

5. Keep Belongings Safe

You might be working with the best materials in the world, but it’s still possible to damage your belongings if you pack them up yourself. This is because packing and moving is a craft, and only experienced professionals know how to do it right every time.

Whether you’re moving from one apartment floor to another or you’re packing up an entire single-family house, we’re here to make sure your items stay in top shape. We can also help businesses pack up and relocate their whole offices, or college students relocate for the summer.

All the while, we’ll treat your furniture and accessories like they’re our own.

6. Dedicated Service

One of the top benefits of hiring our door-to-door moving service? Our team is fully dedicated to your move! When the big day rolls around, you never have to worry about sharing truck space with someone else.

We’ll provide clean, safe trucks that are completely reserved for your specific move. Once they’re all loaded up, they’ll head straight to your delivery location. We’ll never plan any type of truck transfer and we won’t take any detours.

Plus, we’re not just skilled in the art of moving. Our energetic team members also know how to deliver a top-notch, pleasant experience for each client. You never knew moving could be so enjoyable, did you?

Learn More About Our Door to Door Moving Services

You don’t have to dread your upcoming move. When you put the work in our hands, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of all the legwork so you don’t have to.

We designed our door-to-door moving services with movers like you in mind. Whether you’re moving clear across the country or just down the block, we’re here to take the stress off your shoulders. From the first item we pack to the last one we unpack, we’ll treat your move, your items, and you with dignity and respect.

Call today and let’s get started!

Helpful Tips for Moving in the Winter

Moving can be a daunting task in any season, but moving in winter can be especially bone-chilling. But, there are many benefits to be found by moving in the cold. Let us provide you with some tips for moving in winter that can help make the most of your move.

Reasons to Move in the Winter

There are many reasons people move in the winter. While it’s less than ideal, weather-wise, there are a few benefits that come with moving in the cold as opposed to warmer months.

Graphic of Doorage Boxes at Front Door

Lower Cost

Winter is typically the slow season for real estate. There is often less competition and bidding on homes. Movers are also in the off-season. A lot of times you’ll find better deals on moving companies.


Not only will you find better deals, but you’ll discover that many moving companies have more flexibility during the winter. Since moves aren’t as common, they have a lot more openings you can take advantage of.

Graphic of storage boxes being delivered to front door


Not everyone has the luxury of choosing when to move. You may have to move during the winter simply because that’s when you were able to find a home or this is when your lease is up.

9 Tips For Moving in Winter

Be prepared for whatever comes your way. Regardless of the reason for your move, be ready with these tips for before, during, and after your winter move.


It can be hard to distinguish between all the moving and storage choices out there. When researching companies, be sure to check their policies for damaged items during the move and inclement weather.

Put your belongings and future in the most capable hands. Doorage provides flexibility in how you move while offering exact pickup and delivery times.

moving boxes

Plan Ahead

If you’re able to choose when you move, try to aim for the end of winter. That way, you have the best possible chance for optimal weather conditions. If there are typically snowstorms in January, you might want to avoid moving then if possible.

Store Ahead

Keep your valuables safe during your move by storing them ahead of time. Winter moves can leave valuables and fragile items vulnerable to icy or wet conditions. By storing them in a climate-controlled storage facility you can make sure they’re safe until you’re all moved in.

For all your storage needs, Doorage offers hi-tech and secure storage facilities. We’ll come to you and pick up your belongings and keep them safe during your move. Then when you’re ready to collect them, we’ll drop them off for you.

Doorage Storage and Moving in Madison
Moving office equipment

Have a Week-Of Checklist

Write your list and check it twice. Preparing the week of your move will ensure a smoother move. Here are three things to have on your list:

  • Logistics: Plan your moving day route ahead of time and check online for any planned road closures.
  • Weather: Watch the weather as your moving day approaches in case inclement weather decides to come your way.
  • Emergency Kit: Include essentials like blankets and candles or flashlights in the event of a power outage. Extra clothing, toiletries, and a first aid kit are also a must.

Have a Backup Plan

In case there’s a snowstorm or blizzard on the radar during your move, have a backup moving day scheduled with your moving company. If you’re able to, give yourself enough cushion time between moving out of your old place and into your new one.

Moving in Vegas

Turn Utilities On Beforehand

Make sure your new home has power and the utilities are turned on in advance. This will help prevent pipes from bursting in the cold, but also will make for a more enjoyable move and first day in your new home.

Leave Out the Salt and Shovels

Don’t pack these just yet! You’ll need them in case it snows on your moving day. If it does snow, help out the movers and save some time by clearing a path for them before their arrival.

Person shoveling snow

Protect Your Belongings

Certain items like wooden furniture, electronics, or houseplants will get damaged from exposure to the cold weather. And keep in mind that everything on the movers’ shoes is going to end up on the floor of your new home. Lay down a tarp to protect your floors.

Make Sure You Have Enough Time

Check your route and make sure you have plenty of time to get to your destination. Rushing can lead to mistakes and potential damage to your belongings. Give yourself enough time to ensure a safe arrival for all.

Using Doorage for Storage and Moving in the Cold

Wherever you’re moving in winter, Doorage has you covered. Get valet storage, pickup service, delivery service, packing materials, and even packing and unpacking services from our team of trusted moving professionals. We make moving easy — no matter the season. For a moving experience like no other, call (312) 248-7060 to book your move today.

As a parent, you’re probably well aware of how much stuff your child has. Between mountains of toys and plush animals to piles of clothes, and a little Tasmanian devil tearing through it all every now and again, it doesn’t take long for your child’s room to turn into a colossal mess. This, of course, can make trying to organize their bedroom — and keeping it organized for that matter — a challenge, especially if their bedroom is small. However, with a little creativity, inspiration, and a plan of action, kids’ room organization is possible.

At Doorage, we specialize in providing family-friendly storage solutions that make it easy for busy parents to free up some space in their homes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about organizing a small kid’s bedroom, you’re in luck! In today’s post, we’re going to share some tips that will help you conquer the challenge, both for their enjoyment and, more importantly, your sanity.

Kids Room Organization Ideas

Before you really dive into the organizing, the best way to start is by reducing the clutter in the room. Chances are there are plenty of toys, books, clothes, and other items that aren’t being used. Downsize it! Having fewer things to begin with will make organizing your child’s bedroom that much easier. Separate everything into piles of items to keep, toss, donate, or put into storage — if your family is still growing, you may want to save some items for your next little one to use.

With Doorage, you can put these unused items into storage without leaving your home. Storage containers are sent to your door for you to pack, and when you’re ready, they will be picked up and put into a safe and secure storage facility until you are ready to have them returned back to you. Once you have reduced some of the clutter, consider these organization ideas for small kids’ bedrooms.

Go Vertical

When it comes to small kid’s bedrooms, every inch of storage counts. Therefore, it is essential to take advantage of the vertical space to add more storage without taking up the entire bedroom floor. Shelves can be hung on the walls for stashing books and certain toys. If space allows, you can invest in a tall wardrobe for more vertical storage options in the room. Depending on the age of your child, incorporating vertical storage into their room gives you more control over what items are harder for them to access and which ones can easily end up strewn across the bedroom floor.

Look for Double-Duty Furniture

Small-space issues can be solved by choosing kid’s bedroom furniture that also serves as additional storage. Especially in a small bedroom, a bed can take up most of the space and make the room feel cramped. Luckily, there are plenty of beds and other furniture that come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and also serve a dual purpose to maximize the space in the room. With a little research, you can find beds that provide a stylish place for your child to sleep while doubling as convenient storage. Some of these include under-bed drawers, shelved headboards, or other convenient storage solutions. For a more cost-effective solution, simply slide some storage bins under their bed.

Tackle the Clothes

It’s clear that clothes can take up quite a bit of space. Folding clothes can take up a lot of valuable space in drawers, so hang them instead. Utilize the clothing rod in your child’s closet. Hang all shirts, pants, jackets, etc. If your child has a lot of clothes and the closet space allows, consider adding a second clothing rod. When you run out of hanging space, put the remaining articles of clothing in clear or labeled storage containers to keep the closet space organized. While the closet is a small section in the bedroom, keeping it organized will go a long way toward making the room feel less busy or cluttered.

Use One Wall for Storage and Play

If possible, it can be helpful to reorganize your child’s bedroom so that you can dedicate a whole wall for storage and a play area. This is particularly helpful for kids that are still well in the toy stage or even older children who need a spot to study and do homework. If your child has a wall in their bedroom with no doors or a window, try rearranging everything in a way that dedicates that wall and the surrounding area mainly for storage. If there isn’t a whole wall in their bedroom, find the wall that is the largest and start there instead. When the wall and area are defined, you can use cube storage shelves or standard wall shelves to create plenty of storage while still allowing room for play.

Keep the Layout Simple

It can be incredibly easy to overthink and overdesign your child’s room when reorganizing everything. It is important to remember who you are designing the room for, though. Picture the room for your child’s eye level and ensure that certain books, clothes, and toys that are within reach — maybe keep those louder, obnoxious toys stored higher for more controlled use. Small touches like removing closet doors, keeping storage containers on or near the floor, and lowering clothing rods will make the room all the more accessible for your child, which can help you teach them the virtues and values of keeping a tidy bedroom.

Don’t let a messy, unorganized kids bedroom overwhelm you. With just a few simple steps and adjustments, you can organize your kid’s room and maximize the available space.

Make Room With Doorage

If you’re getting ready to tackle a bedroom organization or home decluttering project but are short on storage, Doorage’s door-to-door storage is the solution that you need. Compared to a self-storage facility, Doorage saves you time and money while avoiding the headaches that come with renting a storage unit. Visit our site to receive a storage estimate or to learn more information.

Due to the recent pandemic, more than half of employed Americans have transitioned to working from home — at least, for the time being anyway. When working from home, having a home office or designated workspace is essential to staying productive and meeting deadlines. However, it is darn near impossible to be at all productive in a cluttered workspace.

Stacks of papers, random, tangled cords, and coffee mugs from who-knows-how-long-ago — there is nothing less motivating than trying to get work done in a home office that is flooded with clutter. In a perfect world, your home office should be just as functional as your traditional work office. The biggest challenge that many face, however, is keeping personal and household belongings from intruding on their workspace and the things you need to stay productive throughout the workweek. If this sounds all too familiar, good news! You can get started decluttering your home office today with these tips!

Cluttered Home Office

Declutter Your Messy Home Office In 7 Simple Steps


1. Take It Section by Section

Even though your home office isn’t the biggest room in your home, trying to declutter and organize it all at once can quickly become overwhelming. You can still accomplish a lot when you take it slow. Start with one section of the office; you can start by organizing your desk area one day and then move onto the surrounding area the day after. While you don’t have to turn decluttering your messy office into one strenuous task, you should make sure to get this part done within reasonable time so your productivity doesn’t have to suffer anymore!


2. Only Keep What You Need

If you recently set up a home office on a whim in your spare room, chances are there are some things in there that you do not need. Experts recommend that your home office space has only the essentials you need to help eliminate potential distractions that could take away from your work. See if these things can be moved into your basement, attic, or garage. If not, it may be worth looking into storage solutions for these items, especially since it is hard to tell how long companies will allow employees to work from home — some have already shifted to giving employees the option to work remotely. If you don’t want to sacrifice even more productivity by bringing your things to a storage facility, consider pick-up and delivery storage services.


3. Make Your Documents Digital

If you’re someone who still relies heavily on paper documents, you know just how quickly they can stack up in your workspace. Now that you are working from home, there is no better time than now to digitize your documents. Thanks to technology advancements, almost all of your business documents — such as receipts, bills, invoices, and other miscellaneous sheets of paper — can be converted into digital files. As long as you can store these documents on a hard drive that can be frequently backed up, it’ll be just as safe as keeping paper copies, only with less clutter. If you have any documents that you want to keep, or documents that require having a physical copy, they can be put in a filing cabinet.


4. Thoroughly Clean and Dust

A messy office is, without a doubt a distraction. Before you continue organizing and putting things away, once you have a good portion of the clutter removed, make sure to dust, sweep, and thoroughly clean the surfaces in your home office. A fresh, clean workspace is proven to help boost productivity — certainly much more than a filthy one with stacks of random paperwork and stained coffee mugs would.


5. Label, Label, Label

Especially after working in your work office for so long, working in a new environment can make it difficult to know where you have put the items you need. A simple, tried-and-true solution is to make labels. While label-making seems like something up a scrapbooker’s alley, using labels to define where certain things are stored in your home office will make it significantly easier to find things during your workday without killing your momentum.


6. Put Everything Back Where It Belongs

As you were decluttering, chances are some things got moved around. Make sure that the essentials are placed back into their proper place. Make sure that the cords to your computer and other electronics are out of the way and free of tangles. This is the time to restore neat, orderly, and accessible fashion into your home office.


7. Don’t Let Clutter Reclaim Its Ground

As you know from working in a regular office, clutter can quickly build up due to all the hustle and bustle of the workweek, and at home it is often worse. Therefore, if you plan on continuing to work remotely in your home office, it may be worth getting in the habit of tidiness. Make sure to always put things back when you are done using them and take some time to tidy up at the end of each workday. If you feel like you need a more small-scale storage solution to keep things clutter-free, go for it! Just make sure you are considering the available space of your home office as well as its style and atmosphere.

All it takes is a little time, dedication, and elbow grease to declutter your messy home office. With a clean, clutter-free home office, it will not only be easier to work but you’ll genuinely be in a better mood while doing it.

Declutter Your Messy Home Office With Door to Door Storage Solutions

If your home office needs some things cleared out, taking it all to a storage facility isn’t the best option in terms of being productive. To save time — and money — you can safely and securely store the items you have with Doorage’s door to door storage services. Similar to door-to-door movers, Doorage sends storage containers to your door. Once they are filled, the Doorage team will pick up your storage containers and bring them to their state-of-the-art storage facility. Eliminating the need to rent an entire unit at a storage facility, Doorage’s pickup and delivery storage services are a no-brainer!

Clean Home Office

For college students, it can seem like living situations change more times than ramen in the microwave — which is typically a lot. And now that the academic year is over, college students across the country are most likely preparing to move to your next destination. And, if they don’t have a new place lined up yet, moving can be a real pain when it comes to having to bring all of their stuff back home for a few months.

Whether they have a need to keep their belongings safe and secure for a few nights or the whole summer, most college students will turn to self-storage units.

Renting a self-storage unit can be a real hassle. Not only does it require driving to the storage unit facility — assuming they have a car — but the fee to rent a storage unit is often far out of the average student’s budget. Think renting a storage unit is the best option? Continue reading as we explore the realm of college student storage solutions and which is the best budget-friendly option.

Is There a Need For College Student Storage?

Unless they are renting an apartment or are in another living situation off-campus, chances are college students will need to move once the academic year is over. Even if the commute back home isn’t terrible, packing all of their belongings, loading everything into their car, and driving it all back home can be a lot of work, especially when they’ll have to bring it all back in a few months. Instead of hauling their belongings home every summer, they can drop them off at a self-storage unit for safe-keeping during the summer months. Unfortunately, storage units are not the most budget friendly-options for those going to school.

How Much Does Renting College Storage for the Summer Cost?

Depending on the location and storage needs, the cost of renting a storage unit will differ. Typically, though, it can be expected that storage unit facilities near colleges and universities will have higher prices due to their close proximity and make it somewhat easier for students to bring their belongings to. Plus, a significant downside to renting a storage unit for summer storage is that college students will have to pay for an entire unit, even if they don’t have much to store. A storage unit that is packed to the brim will cost the same as a storage unit of equal size that only has a few boxes inside. Seems kind of unfair, right?

Is There a Way to Save Time & Money on Student Storage Solutions?

College students are always looking to save money, whether that means eating hot dogs every night or staying in on the weekends, so paying for an entire self-storage unit for the summer can take a toll on the summer savings — especially when considering how much of a pain in the you-know-what it will be to have to pack everything up and drive their belongings to the nearest storage facility. Fortunately, there are better summer storage solutions out there that are more affordable and convenient than renting a self-storage unit.

Door-to-door college storage services are commodious to students, whether they are looking for short-term or long-term storage solutions. Whether students choose to drive their belongings back home or store them at a nearby storage unit facility, they are required to load everything up in their car that may or may not have enough space and transport their belongings to their new home for the summer. Door-to-door storage services follow a pick-up and drop-off storage model, meaning college students won’t have to go through the hassle of packing all of their stuff into their vehicle. The only thing that is required of students is packing their belongings into storage boxes or crates, which are dropped off to your doorstep. From there, once they are packed and ready to go, they are picked up by the door-to-door storage company you are working with.

Here’s where the money-saving comes into play.

Rather than having to pay for an entire unit, door-to-door storage services often only charge for the space needed to store your boxes. This, in addition to the fact that no leaving is required in order for college students to store their belongings in a safe and secure location, makes door-to-door storage services a no-brainer for college students that are looking for an affordable and convenient way to store their goods.

Doorage Offers the Best College Student Storage Solutions

Of course, it’s common to want to find cheap student storage solutions that best fit your budget. At Doorage, we are proud to offer door-to-door storage services to people throughout the Midwest, especially college students. Our convenient and affordable storage solutions have helped students with their storage needs at many colleges, including the University of Wisconsin, the University of Kentucky, the University of Illinois, and THE Ohio State University. Our door-to-door storage services are a bit different than others that other college storage companies offer, but in a way that saves college students more time and money. In just three simple steps, college students can find the storage solutions they need without having to rent a self-storage unit or drive their belongings back home for the summer. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:


1. Figure Out Your Exact Storage Needs.

As mentioned, with door-to-door storage students only will pay for the storage they need, rather than paying for an entire unit. However, some door-to-door student storage services can make it difficult for students to estimate how much they’ll actually be paying until they know how many boxes they will need. With Doorage, our easy-to-use storage calculator makes it very simple to calculate how many boxes you will need and how much it will cost.

Affordable storage and moving

2. Pack Your Belongings.

Once you determine how many storage crates you will need, Doorage will ship them to you for you to begin packing. Once they are packed and ready for pick-up, Doorage will arrange for the transportation of your belongings to our secure storage facility.

3. Request It Back When You’re Ready.

Your belongings can stay stored for as long as you wish, but whenever you are ready to have them returned, Doorage will send them back to you, whether you are at the same address or a different one.

storage facility

Get started today, use our storage space calculator!

How do you do, fellow kids? You know what’s super lit right now? Choosing a Gucci student storage service that makes everything in life *fire emoji*! When college is *poop emoji*, make sure you stay woke and pick Doorage for your student storage in Chicago. Self-storage just got a glow-up, and we’re not salty about it. In fact, this new way to store stuff is *insert more fire emojis here*

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, this storage company is so hip with the times!” Well, you’d be wrong. Because we had to Google all of those Gen-Z terms above. But the good news is that while we might not be too good at talking like a college student, we are good at providing them with student storage solutions that make sense. We believe this is where you’d throw in a, “You do you, bruh.”

The greater Chicago area is full of colleges and universities, from the University of Chicago to Loyola to Northwestern to DePaul and more, and many college students find themselves at the end of the semester needing short-term storage in the city.

If you’re going home for the summer, in the process of moving to a new apartment, or simply have too much stuff to fit in your dorm, we’ve got you covered. Doorage is a door-to-door storage company that makes storage in Chicago easy.

How Does Doorage Work?

If you were to rent a self-storage unit, you could be locked into a long contract, accidentally rent way more storage space than you need to, and/or have to find a way to get your stuff to and from that storage unit. As a college student, this all sounds like a nightmare.

At Doorage, we will bring you all of the storage boxes you need. Then, you can pack them up and schedule a good time for us to come collect the boxes. At this time, we can also pack up any bigger items you want to be stored like beds, bicycles, paddle boards, or other big or odd-shaped items.

We’ll meet you at your dorm or apartment, load everything into our trucks, and take it to our secure storage facility. We can keep it there over the summer while you’re off spending time with your family or backpacking through Europe. When you come back for the next semester and get all settled in your new place, just schedule a drop-off and we’ll bring everything back!

Doorage’s Student Storage Perks

When you choose us as your student storage provider, you never have to worry about getting to and from a storage unit. We’ll handle all of that for you. You can also enjoy the perk of knowing you’re choosing a company who uses reusable eco-friendly bins, as well as one who donates a percentage of our sales to breast cancer research and after-school programs.

However, the real perk of using our Chicago student storage service is that we’ll give you a $50 gift card to your university’s bookstore when we bring your stuff back from storage as a “thank you” for choosing us! You can use this to buy approximately 12% of a textbook, so, you know, you’re welcome. (You can also use this to buy school merchandise or snacks if your bookstore sells them!)

Learn more about our student storage in Chicago and get started with Doorage today!

Chicago is a major business hub, which means there are a lot of business owners looking for the best place to store their excess inventory, equipment, furniture, and documents. As your business grows, you might find yourself feeling cramped in your current space. Look around; are there unused desks or storage rooms that can be converted into an office or meeting room? If so, then business storage can solve a lot of problems!

Doorage is a pickup and drop-off storage service. This means that when you choose us as your storage provider, you’ll never have to spend your valuable time trucking to and from a storage unit. We do that part for you!

How Local Business Owners Use Doorage

A lot of local businesses trust us to store their inventory and equipment. Below, we’ve listed three real examples of businesses we work with who have experienced the benefits of storing with Doorage.

A small boutique retailer who chose us as their business storage partner was able to clear out their back storage room and expand their sales floor, meaning more products were visible to customers.

A local dentist was using an examination room to store some backup furniture. When they decided to store with Doorage, they were able to add an additional examination room to better serve their patients.

A Chicago corporate company felt like they were outgrowing their current office space. Instead of moving, they decided to use Doorage to store a room full of documents and extra furniture and now use the space as a conference room instead.

When any of the businesses above need a specific piece of furniture back or a box of important documents, they know they can simply log in to their Doorage account and schedule a drop-off.

Why Use Doorage For Business Storage

We are your packers, movers, and storers.

At Doorage, we do it all. If you have a bunch of office furniture or equipment that you don’t want to pack and move yourself, we’ll do that for you. We have low hourly rates for packing up inventory and our team is known for being careful with your furniture and storage items, so everything gets where it needs to be in one piece.

We’ll bring your storage items back when you need them.

We’ll bring your equipment or documents back whenever you want it. For example, if you have a new employee starting on Monday or your need that container of documents for tax season, just log in to your account and tell us what boxes or items you need and when.

We keep your stuff safe.

Obviously, we can’t prevent everything, but we can do our best to protect your stuff while it is in storage. Only Doorage staff has access to our storage warehouse, which has 24-hour security, motion-sensing cameras, and an alarm system.

You only pay for the space you use.

Storage units are often full of empty space. Especially as a business, you never know when you’ll need to take those five desks out of storage as your company grows. With Doorage, you are only charged for the exact volume of space you use in our warehouse, and the more you store, the more you save. You can also add or remove space at any time. This means that instead of paying for a storage locker that could, at certain points of the year, be completely empty, you are only paying for what you currently have stored.

We Are Your Chicago Business Storage Solution

We don’t simply offer storage space; we offer storage solutions. If you are in need of business storage in the greater Chicago area, we want to help. Learn more about our pickup and drop-off storage service for business and start storing with Doorage today!

When it comes to the best storage in Chicago, the number one thing you can do is ask your mom to let you store your stuff in her basement, because that’s free. But most likely, that’s not an option, because you would have done that by now and you wouldn’t be reading this. So, we’re giving you the second best option for storage in Chicago: us!

Doorage is a door-to-door storage solution, which means we pick your storage items up at your house, take them to our safe and secure storage warehouse, and then drop it back off to your door when you want it. (You can learn the details, here.) Doorage is, by far, other than your mom’s basement, the number one storage solution in Chicago. There’s a bunch of reasons why, which we’re sure you’re dying to know. So keep reading to find out (or just get started storing smarter right now).


Why We’re Better Than Regular Storage Units


You Only Pay for the Space You Use

Haters gonna say it’s fake, but you really only pay for the space you use at Doorage. Because we store everything for you in our warehouse, you never have to pay for a storage unit that you only use half of. We’ll assess the volume of space that your items take up (our storage boxes are uniform, whereas something like a couch or bicycle will need a custom quote).


The More You Store, The More You Save

Perhaps one of the things people love most about us is that our price per cubic foot drops significantly the more space you add. Seriously, check out our pricing structure. Most storage units in Chicago have a standard price per square foot of floor space, and if you fill up your 10×5 unit, you have to rent a full second unit, even if you just need a little bit more space. Here, you only pay for the space you use, and the more space you rent, the less you pay per cubic foot.


We Have a Cool Website

A typical self-storage facility website is pretty boring, likely hasn’t been updated in a while, and is probably hard to navigate. Why does this matter? Because it’s 2018 and there’s no excuse for that. We do everything online, and when you’re giving someone your money in exchange for a service, you want to trust that you can find the information you need on their website, log into your account, see what you have in storage, and all of those other things that matter to you. Plus, what other storage facility has the color scheme of a piece of watermelon salt water taffy? No one. That’s who.

We Care

The Doorage team lives in the communities we serve, so we give back 1% of gross storage sales to the community after school programs. We care about causes that matter, and we use reusable Eco Bins to be environmentally friendly.

We Do All the Work

When you choose a traditional storage unit, you have to do everything by yourself. You have to figure out a way to get everything there (which, in Chicago, can be a feat in and of itself). Then you have to load everything into your storage unit and go home. When you need something back, you have to journey out there again, rifle through your unit, try to remember what you put in which box, and haul it back home. We take care of all that for you, so if you need something, you don’t have to go on a journey to get it. You just log into your account, tell us which box you need (before we move your stuff to storage, you can catalog what’s in each box using your Doorage account), and we’ll bring it to you. No need to rent a truck or drive through the busy streets! Also, if you want us to, we can even take care of all the packing for you! Just let us know what you need and we’ll do it.


See The Doorage Difference For Yourself

At Doorage, we always put our customers first and do everything we can to remain the best option for storage space in Chicago. We are happy to offer perks and incentives for student storage, business storage, and storage for furniture, outdoor gear, and other large items that other storage companies might not take. Check out our service areas and locations, and get started today!

Dear Self-Storage Unit,

We’re over. My year-long contract with you is coming to an end, and I’ve already cleared out all of my stuff. But there’s a few things I want to say to you before I close this door and open a new one…

Self-Storage Unit, when we first met, you seemed like a great option. I was fresh out of college when I signed my first contract with you. I was living in a seventh-floor walk-up with four other people, and the only storage space I had was a tiny closet. So of course I fell into the arms of the first self-storage facility that talked to me. You seemed so appealing. You told me I could have my first month for free if I signed a six-month lease. That six-month lease turned into a year-long lease and then another because, well, I didn’t think there was anyone else out there for me. I didn’t realize there were better storage solutions out there for me. I mean, if you were in my shoes, would you think to look for another storage option when nothing seems wrong with the one you’re already with?

However, there was something wrong the whole time. First, I only ever really filled you up halfway — well, perhaps I should say I left you half empty. We left each other half empty. But I still had to pay for all of you. I guess this is what my mother meant when she said, “Why buy the whole cow when you can just pay for the milk,” or something like that.  

Then, you promised me you were clean. But when I opened you up, there was clear evidence of all the other people who have used you. There was dust and dirt everywhere, ants were crawling up the walls, and I think I even saw some Raisinettes on the ground (at least, I hope they were Raisinettes… yikes). After I cleaned you up, you started to look a little better. At least until some ass in the unit next to mine spilled a canister of gasoline that leaked into my unit. Even though you were supposed to be mine, I had to deal with negative consequences of your neighbors’ actions.

Well, guess what? I’m through. I’ve moved on to someone better. I’m with Doorage now.

Who’s Doorage? Well, they are the best storage option in Chicago right now, and I suspect they’ll keep treating me right. While I always had to come to you if I needed something, Doorage doesn’t make me lift a finger. They come right to my door, take my storage boxes, and then leave. When I was with you, Self-Storage Unit, I had to block out an entire afternoon just to pay you a visit. Now, with Doorage, we can literally meet up on my lunch break, do what needs to be done, and part ways. Heck, my doorman can even stand in in my place if I need him to!

And thankfully, there’s plenty of Doorage to go around. So you can imagine, Self-Storage Unit, that you’re going to lose even more love once the news gets out that there’s a better storage option. Until then, I’m taking my lock and shutting the door on you one last time.


Your Last Tenant

Doorage is your door-to-door Chicagoland storage company that takes the ‘rage’ out of ‘storage.’ Basically, we just make storing your belongings stupidly simple and easy.

Here’s how it works:

Using our handy-dandy storage calculator, figure out roughly how many storage boxes and what kind you’ll need. Schedule a delivery and we’ll drop off your empty storage boxes for free (if you need more later or order too much, don’t worry. Whether we’re picking them up or dropping them off, empties are always free).

Take up to two weeks to pack up your items and document what is going into which box using your Doorage online account (you can even upload pictures to make it easy). Then, schedule a pickup and we’ll come pick up your stuff and take it to our secure climate-controlled storage warehouse. When you need it back, log into your account and pick what boxes you’ll need and schedule a drop-off. It’s seriously that easy.

So, why do you need this? Well, your other option is to rent a moving truck and haul your items yourself to the nearest Chicago storage facility (hint: it’s probably not close). This takes way more time and money than storing with Doorage — where, by the way, you only pay for the cubic footage you use. That means no more paying for a giant unit that’s half empty (or half full, if you’re an optimist).

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, Doorage! You saved me so much time and money! What should I do with all this time and money?!?!?” Glad you asked, pal. We’ve got 5 ways to spend all this extra time below! 


5 Better Things To Do Than Your Haul Stuff To Storage

1. Watch Game of Thrones

Like, all of it. Like, all 63.5 hours of it. Seriously, you know you’re not caught up. Don’t be that guy that goes to work and gets spoiled on Monday just because you spent your Sunday night driving to some middle-of-nowhere storage unit. Also, don’t be that guy that goes in on Monday and spoils everyone. If you do, then let’s be honest, you deserve to be stuck in traffic while hauling your stuff to storage.


2. Learn how to slackline

You know those jabronies at the park that jump up and down on that rubber band thing that they set up between some trees? As much as you roll your eyes at them, we know you secretly want to do it. There’s no time like the present, so order a slackline off Amazon, wait two days for it to get here, and then make the most of the now by hitting up some local trees and trying your hand at slacklining.*

(*If you’re not breaking any laws and you’re being safe and your body is able to do it and other disclaimers).


3. Write a poem

We’ll write one too! Here we go:

There once was a man who liked porridge

So much so he needed some more-idge

But he bought way too much

Saw that our business was clutch

And now stores his porridge with Doorage*

*Another disclaimer, we can’t actually store food at our warehouse for safety reasons but we NEEDED A RHYME OKAY. Also, we don’t really know what ‘clutch’ means. Please send the nearest Gen Z-er our way to explain.


4. Make an Instagram account for your pet

Because, why not? If there’s one thing your friends want, it’s more pictures of your cat. Trust us. They told us so.


5. Do stuff that is actually worthwhile

Look, this is the whole reason we do what we do. We don’t want you to waste time that could be spent with your friends and family just so you can rent a Uhaul and drive an hour to the nearest storage facility and back. Let us do that for you. It’s our job, after all. Whether you’re catching up on a show, learning a new skill, or just eating dinner with your roommates, that’s so much more important than sitting in traffic.


Stop Wasting Time. Start Using Doorage.

So, what are you waiting for? The longer you wait to get started storing smarter with Doorage, the more time you waste. Head over to our storage calculator to get started today and leave the hassle of self-storage behind.