Here at Doorage, we like to think of ourselves as matchmakers. As in, we match you with the perfect storage solution so any potential love interests that come over to your place don’t see anything embarrassing. Now, we’re not trying to sound like we’re immune to owning potentially embarrassing things. We all have a mixtape laying around that we made for our prom date and occasionally a potential suitor might notice that we record every episode of Maury on our DVR. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few steps to avoid any undue stress the next time you bring a date home. Keep reading to learn how our pickup storage service can actually help you pick up a new bae.


5 Embarrassing Items To Put Into Storage Today

Before your next night out, make sure you’ve put all of these items into a Doorage storage box and schedule a pickup. We’ll keep it safe in our storage warehouse so you don’t have to worry about a potential significant other running for the door.


1. Your LARPing Costume

For the unacquainted, LARPing stands for live action role playing. And not in the kinky way. If you bring over a potential bae and didn’t warn them that you might just have a full-on suit of chainmail armor along with a sword and shield sitting in your living room, it might be a little shocking. Also, if you have any LARPing costumes with a tail, definitely put that in storage.


2. Old Yearbooks

There is a truth universally acknowledged that if you have a yearbook in plain view, whoever sees it will look you up the second you leave the room. Whether you were the coolest cool kid or the geekiest goober, no one looks back fondly on the pictures in their high school yearbook. You need to make sure this person really loves you and is committed before showing them pictures of you with heavy black eyeliner and green hair parted so far to the side it’s practically a combover, acid-wash jeans, frosted tips a la Justin Timberlake circa 1998, or Paramore lyrics written all over your arms after your first Lollapalooza. Avoid any risky business and put those yearbooks into your Chicago storage center.

Creative Space For What Matters

3. Your Fedora

Look, the only person who can get away with tipping his fedora and giving a sly “m’lady” is Dwayne “The Mother Effing Rock” Johnson, and even then, it might not work. Unless they’re dating you for your fedora, in which case more power to you both and we wish you the best, put it in storage until you really hook them in.


4. Any Instrument That You Don’t Know How To Play

Maybe you got an electric guitar when you were eighteen with the intention of becoming a rockstar and touring the world. If that never happened, that’s fine. There’s no shame in that. However, some shame does occur when a cute love interest says, “Hey, play me something.” And then you have to redirect and be like, “Good idea. Or we could watch the new season of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and then have to live with the fact that you just admitted to being aware that there’s a new season of Triple D instead of slappin’ some bass or shredding that ukulele (or whatever the kids say these days).


5. Your DVD Collection Of All Eight Seasons Of The Cosby Show

Yeah… in retrospect that probably wasn’t the best investment. Maybe even bypass your Chicago storage center and send that over to a DVD recycling plant.


Don’t Get Dumped, Get Doorage

While we can’t guarantee your potential future S.O. won’t leave you for another reason, we can help you keep them around by hiding away all your embarrassing stuff with our door-to-door storage service. Discover new ways to store with Doorage today!