Chicago Storage Crate Rental Services

Doorage Storage Crate Rental Process

You don’t need fragile cardboard or expensive plastic moving boxes to make your home relocation happen. Doorage storage crate rental in Chicago can loan you environmentally and user-friendly containers. Then, all you’ll have to do is add the packing materials and schedule a drop-off. Moving can be stress-free when you’ve got a strong-armed team to carefully deliver your heavy valuables.

How Doorage Rental Works


Get storage eco-bins and materials delivered right to your door.


Take as long as a month to fill up your bins and use them during your move.


Once your rental period is over, enjoy the new place as we collect them.

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Moving Crate Types & Sizes

Rather than use plastic rental moving boxes, we offer eco-friendly rental crates. These are much easier to pack, stack, move, and save money on than traditional boxes. You’ll have nothing to break down afterward either. Our Eco-Bins (3.2 ft³) fit books, files, papers, and other small related items. The Eco-Bins XL (4.9ft³) are a great size for bedding, coats, and toys.

Both of these are included in our rental packages, as well as the following:

  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pickup
  • Free Labels
  • Free Security Ties
  • Free Smiles 🙂

Moving Crate Packages

  • Small Package

    15 Eco Bin, 5 Eco XL

  • Medium Package

    25 Eco Bin, 10 Eco XL

  • Large Package

    35 Eco Bin, 15 Eco XL

  • Largest Package

    45 Eco Bin, 20 Eco XL

Doorage Rental Programs

Our pain-free program solutions save you a fortune on boxes, tape, tape guns, and other packing supplies as well as time required on assembly, disassembly, or repackaging materials due to crushed or wet boxes.


Crates are clean, strong, and easier to stack than traditional cardboard or plastic moving boxes so the whole family can pitch in and help fill them.


Simplify the logistics of a company-wide office move. We can make for an easy transfer with our efficient preset commercial program.

Our Crate Rental Experience

Choose Doorage storage crate rental because there’s no time to waste in the city of Chicago. Our dedication to service excellence makes working with our professional team a superior customer experience.

  • Transparent Pricing

    No digging around to find our prices; we list them out clearly for your benefit.

  • Dedicated Trucks

    Those who move with us can enjoy a truck all to themselves.

  • Exact Pickup & Delivery

    Forget estimated dates and times. We drop off and pick up as scheduled.

  • Direct Routing

    You’ll never wonder where we’re at as we come straight to you.

  • Energetic Trained Teams

    Our thoughtful team members ensure you have everything needed while visiting.

Storage, Moving, and Other Doorage Services

We do storage crate rental in Chicago like no other—but we’re also so much more. Utilize our convenient services for valet storage, moving, pickup, delivery, junk removal, moving material delivery, packing, and unpacking. Call us at (866) 404-4880: we’d love to help you determine the best services for your needs.