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Doorage is your new Chicago storage solution offering door-to-door storage rental and pickup services throughout the metropolitan area. Our service areas includes all of Chicago’s major neighborhoods from Addison and Andersonville to Wrigleyville and Woodridge — and just about everywhere in between. Our full-service storage services make storing your belongings easier than ever (we know it sounds fake, but we promise you’ll love it).


What Is Full-Service Storage?

Call it full-service storage, call it door-to-door storage, call it not-your-grandma’s-storage (just don’t call it Shirley). Doorage’s valet storage is the modern version of self-storage. Until recently, if you wanted to move items into storage in Chicago, you had to load up your 1998 Corolla with a couple of boxes and drive out to the middle of nowhere to get to the nearest storage facility (which was, undoubtedly, not a fun a place to be), and then do that ten more times until you got everything there. Of course, you could rent a moving truck, but maneuvering that behemoth through downtown can be a challenge in and of itself.

Considering that Chicago is more car-less than ever — with over 50 percent of Chicagoans in some neighborhoods relying on Ubers, cabs, bikes, and public transportation to get around — most people are left scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get that old futon or those college textbooks to a storage facility. That’s where we come in. Full-service storage is essentially a way for you to store your belongings in a secure facility without having to get it there yourself. We handle that part for you.


Think Of It As “Uber For Storage” (No, Really)

Think of us as Uber for storage. Before there were taxicabs, citizens had to drive their own cars places. Then cabs came around and life got a little easier for those times when you found yourself without a car. Then, the internet was like, “What if you could just order a cab from your phone and pay through an app?” So Lyft and Uber became the most convenient way to get around a new city.

Doorage has a similar story. Before self-storage facilities, you pretty much could only own what you could store in your house. Then self-storage facilities became an affordable option for many, and people could just drive their stuff to a storage unit and keep it there. But after a while, Chicagoans started ditching their cars and were left without a way to transport these 8,000 boxes of winter jackets and art supplies and Tupperware to a storage unit that was likely an hour’s drive away anyway. That’s where we come in. Our door-to-door storage program in Chicago will come to your house to pick up your storage containers, keep them safe at our climate-controlled storage facility, and drop them back off at your place when you need them. Everything is done online, so you can schedule a drop-off or pickup at any time from anywhere. We are the most convenient storage option, we’re affordable, and we come to you.


What Makes Doorage Different


How Does Doorage Work?

There are three steps to storing smarter with Doorage. Everything is centered around our online interface, or you can always call us if you’d prefer to speak to someone. You can read our full FAQ for the details and fine print, but our system is pretty simple.


Step 1: Packing Up And Picking Up

Log in to your account and schedule a drop off of empty storage containers (these are free, so if you order too many or need more later, it’s all good).

Using DoorLog (Doorage’s item logging system – we know, we put a lot of thought into the name), document what you’re putting in each box. You can upload pictures, create lists, or whatever is easiest and works for you. You could rely on your memory, but we highly recommend just taking a couple minutes to document everything.

If you don’t want to pack, we can do it for you for an hourly fee. Otherwise, take up to two weeks to pack everything up exactly how you want it.

When you’re ready, schedule a pickup and we’ll be there ASAP (we try to get there in 24 hours, but based on how busy we are it might be just a couple days). Our packing pros will securely seal up your containers for added protection.


Step 2: Getting Your Stuff To Our Chicago Storage Warehouse

When our crew picks up your items, they will be carefully packed and transported to our secure, climate-controlled storage facility.

Our storage warehouse has 24-hour security with motion-sensing cameras and alarm systems to ensure your stuff is always safe.

Log in to your account to view or modify your inventory.

You only pay for the volume of space you use, and you can add or take away space at any time. You will be billed on the 1st of every month.


Step 3: Delivering Your Storage Items to You

Whenever you need a container out of storage, just let us know and we’ll drop it off.

Log in to your account, select which boxes you need back (see, this is why we insisted that you document what’s going in each box), and schedule a delivery time to have your items delivered anywhere in Chicago.

We can get it back to you as early as the next day. If you are having an emergency (Just realized your Social Security card is in storage and need it ASAP? Packed up your kids favorite toy and they haven’t stopped screaming for three days?), just let us know and we will do what we can to work with you and expedite your delivery.

Your doorman can receive your deliveries, you just need to let us know beforehand so we leave your items with the right people.

Deliveries can happen as frequently as you like, and we have simple, no-surprise delivery fees.


Doorage Prices

Real talk, we know this is what you were looking for the whole time. We offer standard pricing for pretty much anything that can fit into a box that you can pack yourself (BTW, we deliver those boxes to you for free so you don’t have to go out and buy packing supplies). It is our commitment to never raise your rates so you can have convenient, affordable storage in Chicago for as long as you need it.


Empty boxes — whether we’re dropping them off or picking them up — are always free. If you need packing supplies like bubble wrap or newspapers, you can use your own or buy it from us and we’ll drop it off with your boxes.

Pick-ups and drop-offs lasting less than 20 minutes are always $20. For comparison, similar door-to-door storage will charge you more based on the size of your delivery or how soon you need it.

Hourly fees are $45 per crew member per hour (this a very competitive price for the industry. Our packing pros are highly trained and come ready to pack up any odds and ends, and we’ll haul your stuff to storage when we’re done). This is perfect for those hard to move or pack items like pool tables, furniture, and TVs.

The more you store, the more you save. You pay per cubic foot of space you use, and the more space you use, the less the price-per-cubic-foot.

You don’t pay for empty space. Other storage facilities will shove you in a too-big storage unit and you end up paying store air there. With Doorage, you only pay for the exact volume of space your stuff takes up in our warehouse.

We do not lock you into storage plans — meaning there is no six-month commitment or minimum monthly payment or anything like that. Just pay for the space you use and add or take away space as needed. We are storage made simple.


Affordable. Convenient. Modern. Doorage Storage


Student Storage In Chicago

Whether you’re at the University of ChicagoNorthwestern, Columbia College, Loyola, DePaul, or another Chicago college, we’ve got student storage solutions to get you through the school year. This is perfect for students leaving for the summer and planning to return to the area for the following school year. This way, you don’t have to take everything home with you. We can pack up futons, bean bag chairs, bicycles, cardboard cut-outs of Taylor Swift (we don’t judge),  longboards, and other odd-shaped items that don’t fit into boxes.

When you’re ready to schedule a delivery and get your items back, we’ll throw in a free $50 gift card to your university’s bookstore as a “thank you” for storing with us! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know that will cover like 1/10 of a textbook, but hey, we’re a Chicago storage company, not your FAFSA.)


Doorage Donates to Breast Cancer AwarenessChicago Storage For A Cause

As born and raised Chicagoans, we like to do a little something to give back to our stomping grounds. We donate 1 percent of all gross storage sales to local Chicago after-school programs. Tens of thousands of Chicago Public School students rely on after-school programs and by choosing Doorage as your Chicago storage solution, you are helping contribute to these vital programs.

We donate another 1 percent of all gross storage sales to breast cancer research. One in eight U.S. women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. While breast cancer cases and death rates have been decreasing steadily for almost two decades, it is still the second leading cause of cancer death in women. An estimated 266,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer were diagnosed in 2018 alone, according to the American Cancer Society. We are proud to donate a percentage of gross sales to furthering research to increase early detection and survival rates.


Ready To Store Smarter With Doorage


More About Chicago Storage with Doorage

Doorage is still a relatively new company, so we may not have as many reviews as the other guys. But don’t let that scare you off. In the age of the internet, if we sucked, you’d know it. And we don’t suck — especially not according to those who trust us to be their Chicago door-to-door storage company.

Even though we’re still a newer door-to-door storage company, we’ve been around long enough (in the world in general and also in business) to see what the other guys are doing wrong, and make an effort every day to avoid that. We have two main goals as your choice Chicago storage program: Respect you, and respect your stuff. We know that you trust us to keep your stuff safe, even if it is just some crap you want out of your apartment. Not to get too sappy or anything, but we don’t take that trust lightly and we take extreme care when packing, moving, and storing your items.

But don’t worry, our stellar crew isn’t the only thing protecting your items. Many homeowner’s and renter’s insurance offers protection for items stored off-site in storage units, including ours. If yours does not, you can purchase a protection plan (Basic, Gold, or Platinum) to ensure that if something does go wrong and an item is lost or damaged, you can be reimbursed within the terms of your protection plan.


The TL;DR Version Of Doorage

Want the quick rundown of Doorage? Here it is:

We’re the best Chicago storage program for people who have better things to do with their time and money than rent a moving truck and drive out to the middle of S-Town nowhere to put their belongings in some sketch storage unit that’s crawling with rats and roaches.

You tell us how many boxes you’ll need using our storage calculator. We drop them off for free when it’s convenient for you. You tell us when they’re packed. We come get them. You tell us when you want them back. We drop them off.

It’s seriously that simple. Store smarter with Doorage today.


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