Commercial & Business Storage Solutions

No matter your needs, we have your business storage solutions. Get convenient business storage units from Doorage.

Storage Units Fit For Any Business

Ensuring you have the space and capacity to continue growing is vital to the success of your business. At Doorage, we understand you have specific needs depending on your industry and size. And we’re here to help you grow. With our commercial and business storage solutions, we help businesses thrive and transform how they operate. From small mom-and-pop shops to large corporations, we know one size does not fit all. That’s why our storage specialists work with you to formulate the best solution for your business. Whether you’re looking for office or warehouse space, retail business storage, or pallet storage, we have you covered. We’re the business storage solutions experts.

Commercial Storage Solved

Do you have extra office furniture taking up valuable space you could be using? Are documents and paperwork overflowing from cabinets and taking over your desks? Do you need somewhere to store your extra inventory? At Doorage, your storage needs are met.

Secure Facilities

Our warehouses and storage facilities are monitored 24 hours a day with motion-sensing cameras for maximum security. Our facilities are fitted with electricity and are pest and climate-monitored to best protect your valuable items.

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Ease of Use

Creating and managing your account is simple and can be done from your phone. Use your DoorLog account to easily keep track of what items you have in storage. Need to make a change? No problem at all. You can make changes at any time right from your phone.

Save Time

Don’t have the time or manpower to pack up your storage items? For an extra fee, you can leave the packing to the experts so you and your employees can focus on your business. And when you need your items back, just let us know and we can deliver your items where you need them, saving you the hassle.

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How It Works

Schedule Pick Up

Create your account and schedule your pick-up date and time. We’ll come directly to your business to collect the items you wanted to be stored.

Convenient Storage

From your business, your items go to our secure warehouse facilities which you can remotely monitor from your DoorLog account.

Easy Delivery

When you need your items back, simply request delivery on your account. We’ll bring them back to you when it’s convenient for you and can deliver where you need them — even if it’s not the same pickup location.

Solutions Fit For…


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Create Your Ideal Office Space

Whether you’re a lawyer looking for a convenient way to store case files, or an office converting to remote work and in need of somewhere to store unused furniture, Doorage can make sure you have the tools to create your optimal workspace, no matter what your work looks like. The future of office work is changing, and we offer the flexibility to businesses to grow. Get customized storage solutions that are right for your business needs. With Doorage, you’ll never pay for more space than you use. We make sure you have the space and the capacity to succeed. Find the storage solution that’s right for you. See how we can help you with our business storage units.

Big Storage Needs, Big Storage Solutions

What if your business needs more storage space than a traditional storage unit, but you can’t warrant renting out an entire warehouse? Doorage offers the flexibility of only paying for the storage space you need in our warehouses, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the most out of your budget. If you ever need to add more space, we make it easy to change your storage space. Doorage is the smarter solution for warehouse rentals. Utilize warehouse storage for construction equipment, landscaping supplies, excess inventory, or even storing your business’s trucks when they’re not in use.

Palletized Storage

Have pallets worth of inventory you need to store? Keep your inventory secure in our warehouses. We make full pallet storage easy with upfront pricing, convenient pickup and delivery services, and space optimization. Make the best use of your resources with our pallet warehousing and warehouse rental solutions.

Retail Storage

Flexibility for Retail

Looking for storage but can’t fill up an entire unit? Keep your storefront or restaurant clear of clutter and stay organized with storage solutions from Doorage. We provide customized storage options for retail and you’ll only pay for what you store. This means as your storage needs change over time, so does your plan. This way you’re never paying more for what you’re using. We allow you to run your business efficiently and conveniently. Have easy access to your items with your DoorLog account, and schedule deliveries when you need your items back. You don’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy schedule to make a trip to our storage facility. Store excess inventory, seasonal inventory, supplies, files, displays, and promotional items in our climate-monitored commercial storage units. Save time and give your efficiency a boost with Doorage business storage solutions.