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Discover Better Chicago Business Storage

Chicago is a major business hub, which means there are a lot of business owners looking for the best place to store their excess inventory, equipment, furniture, and documents. As your business grows, you might find yourself feeling cramped in your current space. Look around; are there unused desks or storage rooms that can be converted into an office or meeting room? If so, then business storage can solve a lot of problems!

Doorage is a pickup and drop-off storage service. This means that when you choose us as your storage provider, you’ll never have to spend your valuable time trucking to and from a storage unit. We do that part for you!

How Local Business Owners Use Doorage

A lot of local businesses trust us to store their inventory and equipment. Below, we’ve listed three real examples of businesses we work with who have experienced the benefits of storing with Doorage.

A small boutique retailer who chose us as their business storage partner was able to clear out their back storage room and expand their sales floor, meaning more products were visible to customers.

A local dentist was using an examination room to store some backup furniture. When they decided to store with Doorage, they were able to add an additional examination room to better serve their patients.

A Chicago corporate company felt like they were outgrowing their current office space. Instead of moving, they decided to use Doorage to store a room full of documents and extra furniture and now use the space as a conference room instead.

When any of the businesses above need a specific piece of furniture back or a box of important documents, they know they can simply log in to their Doorage account and schedule a drop-off.

Why Use Doorage For Business Storage

We are your packers, movers, and storers.

At Doorage, we do it all. If you have a bunch of office furniture or equipment that you don’t want to pack and move yourself, we’ll do that for you. We have low hourly rates for packing up inventory and our team is known for being careful with your furniture and storage items, so everything gets where it needs to be in one piece.

We’ll bring your storage items back when you need them.

We’ll bring your equipment or documents back whenever you want it. For example, if you have a new employee starting on Monday or your need that container of documents for tax season, just log in to your account and tell us what boxes or items you need and when.

We keep your stuff safe.

Obviously, we can’t prevent everything, but we can do our best to protect your stuff while it is in storage. Only Doorage staff has access to our storage warehouse, which has 24-hour security, motion-sensing cameras, and an alarm system.

You only pay for the space you use.

Storage units are often full of empty space. Especially as a business, you never know when you’ll need to take those five desks out of storage as your company grows. With Doorage, you are only charged for the exact volume of space you use in our warehouse, and the more you store, the more you save. You can also add or remove space at any time. This means that instead of paying for a storage locker that could, at certain points of the year, be completely empty, you are only paying for what you currently have stored.

We Are Your Chicago Business Storage Solution

We don’t simply offer storage space; we offer storage solutions. If you are in need of business storage in the greater Chicago area, we want to help. Learn more about our pickup and drop-off storage service for business and start storing with Doorage today!