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First Valet Storage Company To Launch Nationwide Pickup and Delivery

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Doorage Storage Solutions, a Chicago-based startup, is the first valet storage company in the country to offer nationwide pickup and delivery service areas.

Doorage CEO Sean Sandona said the move, which officially launches Aug. 5, puts Doorage in the national spotlight along with competitors Clutter and MakeSpace, which have received hundreds of millions in funding from investors.

“We’re taking on the whole moving & storage industry. First we changed self-storage; now we’re changing the way people move. With our process, you’ll never have to hire a moving company again.”

Based on residents and businesses fleeing Illinois for other states, especially Indiana, Sandona more than doubled Doorage’s workforce and added several large-format transportation trucks to accommodate the nationwide service option. Sandona said he expects the national service component of Doorage to make up approximately 40 percent of its business over the next 12 months.


Storage and Moving Service With Doorage

Doorage launched in 2017 and offers full-service storage. The company has never lost an item in storage and stores owners’ belongings in 100,000-cubic-unit, Amazon-esque facilities.

Under the new nationwide pickup and delivery option:

  • Doorage will pick up and deliver customers’ items anywhere in the country for a flat rate, based on the volume that the quote provides.
  • Doorage will service customers whether they’re storing items or not.
  • Unlike traditional moving companies, Doorage takes packing and protection to the next level. While most moving companies use  a blanket and tape to attempt to protect items, the majority of items, Doorage loads are assessed, wrapped and packed for transport using their patent pending system along with being photographed for online inventory.
  • Doorage’s patent pending system charges by exact cubic volume consumed, instead of charging for a certain-sized storage rooms that usually aren’t filled completely.

Sandona, a lifelong resident of Chicago, said he’s repeatedly heard and had customers from Illinois business and residents who want to leave the state.

“I love Chicago, and I never want to leave, but people are telling me they want to leave because the taxes are murder, everything is ridiculously expensive, and there’s a fear of safety – especially in Chicago,” Sandona said.

He noted that numerous Doorage customers are moving just across the border to Northwest Indiana.

“I’m repeatedly told by customers that Indiana is a much better option for them,” Sandona said.

Sandona also noted that there has been a significant increase in consumers looking to Doorage for national pickup and delivery.

“Consumers have recognized the added value our company brings to the process. Customers want better protection and a higher level of service. Doorage has been providing that in our home markets and we kept turning national customers away. Now, Doorage offers our technology and higher level of service to the entire nation.”

Sean Sandona - Founder of Doorage

Sean Sandona – CEO of Doorage

Sandona has been an entrepreneur since he was 15 years old.

The 42-year-old’s first company was Sandona Holiday Decorations, where he bought wreaths and poinsettias at wholesale prices and sold them around his Palatine, Illinois neighborhood during Christmastime. He made around $5,000.

When he was a student at Northeastern Illinois University, Sandona had several full-time jobs and owned a handyman business. He said it earned him about $30,000 a year. It also allowed Sandona – who grew up in a blue-collar home and didn’t own a pair of Nikes until he was 12 years old – to buy a new Chevrolet Silverado and 25-foot Bayliner Cabin Cruiser boat upon graduation.

That business would evolve into All Pro Homes – after Sandona secured a several-hundred-thousand-dollar loan from Cornerstone Bank in Palatine – which prospered until the housing crash in 2007. Sandona would file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy that year, and in 2008, he nearly died when his Lake Zurich, Illinois home burned down in an electrical fire. Sandona was in the hospital for two days with carbon monoxide poisoning and when he was discharged from the hospital, he had no possessions other than his four dogs who also survived the fire.

“I had lost everything,” Sandona said. “But when I got out of the hospital, I told myself I was never going to quit.”

In 2009, he founded Elk Grove Village-based North Village Companies and North Village Snow Management, which provides commercial snow and ice management services and specialty construction services.

The companies have flourished and gave Sandona the flexibility and capital to create Doorage, which currently has home markets in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. Sandona said Doorage will be launching additional home markets in several major metropolitan areas later this year, and employees in those markets are currently being on-boarded and trained.


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This is by far the best way to store your stuff…

Doorage is the best concept ever! Not only are the staff and employees super nice, they are extremely accommodating and friendly. I love the service and I would choose this company for my storage any day. Not only is this extremely convenient, they offer more than just a storage unit. The service is incredible, the storage facilities are beautiful, clean, and safe for personal belongings. And at any time if you need something from your storage unit, Doorage will deliver it to you! This is by far the best way to store your stuff without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

Kelley Palmer
5-Star Google Review

Hassle-free, convenient affordable…

Hassle-free, convenient and affordable. I cannot recommend Doorage enough. Not only do they offer a great service that someone should have thought of sooner, but they are also very accommodating with it. And most importantly, my stuff was picked up when I wanted it to be, stored safely and returned when I needed it to be.

Evan Kearney
5-Star Google Review

Great service, I’m spreading the word…

Set up pick up for my college student. Arrived on time, helped with odd items and hauled away in 30 minutes. Friendly, helpful and fair. Saved me time, money and the inconvenience of buying boxes, finding storage, and hauling it to the location from dorm room.

In August, I’ll set up delivery to dorm room without me picking up a thing. Great service, I’m spreading the word.

Lisa Toon
5-Star Google Review

They were fast, considerate, careful…

I moved my Mom in with me and my family. She didn’t want to get rid of anything but we don’t have room for her stuff at my house so we looked into storage spaces and found Doorage.

First they came out with bins and clothing boxes. We spent the next couple of days filling the bins [and] boxes.

Doorage returned on a Sunday, the only day I was available. They took the boxes and bins, and shrink wrapped all the furniture, put protective packaging around the more important furniture, and hauled it all away.

They were fast, considerate, careful, polite, respectful and friendly. They joked around with my Mom yet were still very professional.

On top of all that, they were a little cheaper for the space we needed, and the money I saved on a Uhaul and days off of work, not to mention I barely lifted a finger in the whole ordeal, I would definitely recommend Doorage to absolutely anyone looking for storage.

Mike G.
5-Star Yelp Review

Crazy cheap compared to the competition…

Easily One of the Best Moving Experiences I’ve Ever Had

I contacted Doorage to help me store my things temporarily while I was away for the summer. From pickup to final drop-off, everything was a breeze. Their eco bins save you the trouble of worrying about buying boxes and they break down (to save you money!) or wrap up any big items you might have.

I thought the website portal was very useful too. It’s an easy way to schedule pick-ups and deliveries and remember all the stuff you tossed into storage. Anytime I had a question or an issue I received a prompt response and solution to the problem! Nothing ever felt like a hassle.

Doorage is a great company to work with. I never felt like I was getting ripped off, and in fact many times the movers helped save me money. Mike and Dean are legit and made sure everything was handled smoothly and professionally! By the way, the ultimate costs ended up being crazy cheap compared to the competition. Really can’t recommend Doorage enough.

Jassiem M.
5-Star Yelp Review

It was so quick and easy…

Doorage is a great company with great employees. They gave me a window of 7-1 and came shortly after 7 and left before 9. It was so quick and easy. They provided all the materials and took care of all the large items I had selected and even some that I forgot to add to my move. Sam was very great in helping with my billing. I am happy I selected them as the service has been fantastic.

Matthew R.
5-Star Yelp Review

Very professional and trustworthy…

We moved from a rental apartment to a new condo but had a gap of time before we could move into our new home.  Doorage was the perfect solution to our problem!  They dropped off bins and wardrobe boxes as scheduled.  Then, of course we underestimated how much stuff we had and they kindly dropped off more bins.  No problem!

Then they picked up all our stuff when we scheduled them, stored it and returned it on the day we moved in.  They were on-time, efficient, and worked well with both buildings to make it a smooth transition.  We didn’t have to hire movers (twice!) and find a storage unit for a short period of time.  It’s a brilliant solution for “gap coverage.”

Plus, Doorage was great to work with!  Very professional and trustworthy.  And Dean was awesome!  Efficient, friendly, and strong 🙂

Doorage definitely made a very stressful time much less stressful.  I would highly recommend Doorage to solve your storage problems!

Susan W.
5-Star Yelp Review

I would recommend them to anyone…

Mike and Jon O. are the GREATEST!! They were so friendly and helpful. Everything was packed up so quickly, neatly and efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone. It was SOO easy (for me). Thanks guys!!

Thea H.
5-Star Yelp Review

It saved us so much time and energy…

I recently moved in with my girlfriend and we had a bunch of extra furniture and misc. stuff that we no longer had space for.  I saw an ad on Facebook for Doorage and gave them a call.  Basically you schedule a pickup date, then they come and wrap and pack all your stuff for you, put it on their bright pink trucks, and bring it to their warehouse to store until you are ready to get it delivered back.  It saved us so much time and energy not having to pick and move the stuff to a storage facility ourselves.  We had some extremely fragile stuff including an expensive glass table and I was thoroughly impressed with their team and how they packed and moved everything with such great care!  It was snowy and wet that day and the crew made sure to wear booties and put big drop clothes down to protect all of our carpet and hardwood without us even asking!  The best thing is that they only charge you for the exact square footage of your items, which after doing some research turned out to be so much cheaper that renting a big storage unit and not utilizing all the space.  And the last storage unit I rented my dresser got water damaged and it was such a pain and hassle to get reimbursed.  I’ve already told all my friends and family about Doorage and would recommend them to anyone.  Also they donate some of their profits to breast cancer research and community programs which is awesome!

Bob O.
5-Star Yelp Review

I can’t believe how easy Doorage made this process…

Amazing Customer service! We needed to have a gigantic granite dining table and 6 matching chairs delivered and stored for a few months. I contacted Doorage initially for just a quote and called them on a Saturday to schedule the big move. I was worried because we had to have this extremely heavy table moved within a few days but Doorage was able to schedule us for the following Monday!

I can’t believe how easy Doorage made this process that my husband and I had been dreading! They brought with them all the necessary packaging supplies for a fair price and did an amazing job making sure our ridiculously heavy table was safely wrapped. They quickly and efficiently were able to get this gigantic dining table down the front porch steps! Everybody I talked to, starting from the initial phone call to all the movers were so pleasant and professional. We thought they must have been in business for a long time because of their extensive knowledge and expertise and were surprised to learn they are a newer company!

We are so thankful for their services and feel very confident that our possessions are being well taken care of considering how well each piece was taken care of at pick up! Definitely will continue to use for our storage needs!

Yurie Kim
5-Star Facebook Review