We Pick Up And Deliver Your Storage

The benefits

There's a lot of value in using us.

Traditional self-storage is outdated, and full of headaches and hassles. Other storage providers do not offer the convenience, level of service or value that Doorage provides.

  • Pay for exact volume in storage
  • Free standard containers
  • Free initial delivery
  • Low cost custom packing
  • Flat-rate pickup/delivery fees
  • Pickup/delivery as early as next day
  • Doorage gives back to community
  • Packing materials delivered to your door
  • Items are under 24-hour security monitoring
How Door to Door Storage Works

Three simple steps.

Doorage eliminates the hassles of traditional self storage. Our pain-free process will give you your weekends and evenings back.

step 1


The process is really simple. Schedule delivery of your free empty containers online. Pack, photograph and document your storage items in each container. Schedule pickup at your convenience.

Some things to note:
  1. There’s a simple breakdown for pickup fees
  2. You don’t have to pack—we can do it for you
  3. Take as long as two weeks to pack your containers
  4. At pickup, containers will be security-sealed for added protection
graphic of storage boxes for pickup at home
step 2


You’ll never have to worry about your items in storage. Our facilities have 24-hour security with motion-sensing cameras and alarm systems to ensure your stuff is always safe.

Some things to note:
  1. Login to view/modify your storage inventory
  2. You only pay for the exact cubic footage used
  3. You are billed for storage the 1st of every month
graphic of pink forklift moving storage boxes at warehouse
step 3


Need a container out of storage? Just let us know and we can get it right back to you as early as the next day. Just login, go to your personalized DoorLog, and request what containers you need and when.

Some things to note:
  1. There’s a simple breakdown for pickup fees
  2. You or your doorman must be present to receive your items
  3. Deliveries can happen as frequent as you like
graphic of storage delivery service in Illinois
why us?

We’re fast and precise.

We offer uniquely affordable services and tremendous speed - all while continuously giving back to the community.

*Comparison based on August 2018*

  • Doorage Graphic Logo
    • Custom furniture crating
    • Yes
    • No
    • No
    • No
    • Standard pickup lead time
    • As quick as next day
    • 7+ days
    • 2-day minimum
    • No
    • Standard pickup/delivery fee
    • $20
    • Up to $240
    • $35 - $65hr per move
    • No
    • Donation pledges
    • Breast Cancer Research and After School Program
    • No
    • No
    • No
    • Storage plans
    • Based on exact volume
    • Requires plan
    • Requires plan
    • Requires plan