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Use our custom storage calculator to assist you in determining your storage volume needs. From the smallest apartment or condo to the biggest 5-bedroom house, we've got you covered in Buffalo Grove.

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When it comes to storage options near Chicago, there’s a better option than self-storage units. Self-storage units might sound like a convenient idea, but when you have to take time out of your busy life to spend an entire afternoon getting to and from your storage unit, you have to wonder if it’s really that convenient after all.

Thankfully, for those looking for storage in Buffalo Grove, there’s a better way. We’re called Doorage, and we’re a Chicago-area pickup and drop-off storage service.

How Does Doorage Work?

Doorage is a pickup and drop-off storage service. This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Rather than cramming a bunch of boxes into your car of the back of your friend’s truck and heading off to some distant storage unit, we’ll take care of that part for you.

Step 1

When you get started with Doorage, you’ll use our online storage calculator to determine about how much storage space you will need, including how many storage boxes you will use. Our team will drop off the empty boxes right to your front door. If you receive your boxes and realize you over- or underestimated your storage needs, don’t worry. Empty boxes, whether we’re dropping them off or picking them up, are always free.

Step 2

After you have your boxes, take up to two weeks packing them up. Rather than labeling each box with a sharpie, use DoorLog, our online user interface, to take note of what items are in which box. This will be helpful later, so the more detailed you can be, the better!

Step 3

Once your stuff is all packed up, use your Doorage account to schedule a storage pickup. Our crew will come by at the scheduled time in our bright pink trucks so you know exactly who we are. They will load up your storage items, including any non-boxed storage items like furniture or large outdoor equipment. Then, they’ll safely transport it to our secure Chicago storage warehouse, which is under 24-hour monitoring for the security of your belongings.

Step 4

When you want your storage items returned, just hop back into your account and let us know which boxes you want back — this is why we recommend taking detailed notes of what is in each box. For example, if you need your ugly Christmas sweater for an upcoming work party and you have three boxes that just say “clothes,” you might not know which one to have dropped off. Then, schedule a drop-off time that works for you (you or a specified person, such as a doorman, will need to be present to receive the boxes). We’ll meet you at the scheduled time, return your boxes, and be on our way until you need us again.
It truly is that easy.

That’s Not Even The Best Part…

As convenient as all of the above sounds, we haven’t even told you the best part yet. When you store with Doorage, you only pay for the exact volume of space you use. That means you’ll never have to pay for a half-empty storage unit again.

Learn more about our pickup and drop-off storage service in Buffalo Grove, and start storing with Doorage today!

How it works

We pickup. We store. We deliver.

  • Graphic of Doorage Boxes at Front Door


    We come to pick up your items you need stored.

  • Graphic of Doorage Storage Facility


    We store your items in our secure warehouse.

  • Graphic of storage boxes being delivered to front door


    We deliver any items you need back anytime.

Standard pickup and delivery

We supply you with the tools you need.

We make packing easy! Simply request any of our standard containers, and they will be delivered to your door for free.

  • eco122717

    Eco Bin

    Great for textbooks, household goods, decor and clothing


  • wardrobe462420

    Wardrobe Box

    Great for 15-20 hanging items


  • eco-xl2820

    Eco Bin XL

    Great for bedding, jackets, and piles of Uggs


  • golf1818

    Golf Box

    Adjustable to fit any set of clubs


Special pickup and delivery

Have a unique packing situation?

Whether you have items that don't fit into standard containers, or you just don't feel like packing, Doorage will take care of all your specialty packing and storage needs.

  • Graphic of 25' pink tape measure

    My item doesn't fit in a standard container.

    Doorage offers DoorPack, our efficient custom-crating solution designed to protect items and prevent them from damage while in transport and storage. Your stuff stays safe!

  • Graphic of arm chair

    Don't feel like packing? We can do that.

    Our team of professionals will come to your home, and pack your containers. Specialty packing is billed at an hourly rate. Still (probably) cheaper than eating off-campus.

Macbook and iphone with Doorage website on both screens

Know exactly what's in storage with DoorLog.

Easily keep track of and modify your storage inventory online with DoorLog. This feature allows users to add photos and descriptions for each of their containers' contents.