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To get started, we need to calculate how much storage you need. Use this handy tool to calculate your estimated storage volume. Our calculator will also show you how big of a room you would typically need with other storage providers. Then simply click "Next" to continue.

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Standard Containers

Use Our Storage Space Calculator

Enter the quantity of each container that you think you’ll need and watch the storage calculator update your storage volume in real time.

  • eco122717

    Eco Bin

    The Eco Bin is great for storing clothes and household items. Eco Bin can easily hold 10 pairs of shoes, 25-35 shirts or 12 sweaters, with a maximum capacity of 50 pounds.

  • wardrobe462420

    Wardrobe Box

    The Wardrobe Box is great for packing your hanging items. Our Wardrobe Box can handle approximately 15 hanging articles of clothing, 7 coats or 8 suits. You cannot place items on a bottom of the Wardrobe Box.

  • eco-xl2820

    Eco Bin XL

    The Eco Bin XL is great for packing bulkier household items, such as holiday decorations, camping gear, sporting equipment or bedding.

Specialty Items

Have items that don’t fit in containers?

We understand your items don’t always exactly fit into a few Eco Bins. Let us know how many specialty items you have throughout your home and we can accommodate for those.

If you have additional large items for storage and you don’t see them below, no worries. Our specialty pack team will be able to accommodate those items on your day of pickup.



  • Headboard
  • Footboard
  • Twin Mattress + Boxspring
  • Full Mattress + Boxspring
  • Queen Mattress + Boxspring
  • King Mattress + Boxspring
  • Crib + Mattress
  • Changing Table
  • Bedside Table
  • Dresser (three drawers)
  • Dresser (six drawers)
  • Futon Frame
  • Futon Mattress
  • Armoire
  • Other

Living Room





Sports Equipment

Moving Boxes

Order Details

Tell us more about your order.

We have a few questions before you finish your order so we can come prepared. Let us know how else we can help out with getting your items into storage.

  • bubble-wrap

    Do you want us to supply bubble wrap?

    We can supply you with 3/16″ (12″ x 250′) rolls of bubble wrap for $30.

  • newsprint

    Do you want us to supply newsprint?

    We can supply you with 25lb (500 20” x 30” sheets) packs of newsprint.

  • fragile

    Do you have a lot of fragile items?

    If you have a lot of fragile items that need extra care we can allot more time and bring extra people.

  • time

    Do you want to add additional man hours?

    We typically send three professionals for a half day. Let us know if you need a full day instead.

Protection Plans

We care about your storage 24/7.

Your insurance company might offer coverage for your stored items, but if you’d like, you can purchase additional protection. If you don’t have coverage, we require you select a plan.