Our storage rules.

Storage Rules

The five rules to follow.

Our goal at Doorage is to make storage as easy as possible, while providing the best protection for your items.

Storage rule no.1

Do not stress about storage.

Doorage is here to eliminate the headaches commonly associated with self-storage. Sit back, relax, and let Doorage take care of all your storage needs.


Storage rule no.2

Do not store illegal or unsafe items.

The following items are banned from being stored at Doorage for the safety of employees and customers’ belongings:

  • Edible items
  • Anything that is or was once alive
  • Anything that can go bang – guns, explosives or flammables
  • Illegal/controlled substances
  • Items that can expand, create vapors, emit fumes/smells


Storage rule no.3

Protect fragile items.

It is important to prepare for and pack fragile items, which require unique handling and packaging. We highly recommend using our specialty pack service for all fragile items. Fragile items not packed by our specialty pack team must be inspected prior to pickup to insure they were packed properly. Many items such as dishes, glassware, electronics, ready-to-assemble furniture, particleboard, marble and crystal are excluded from our limited warranty policy.


Storage rule no.4

Properly pack.

Pack similar items together.

Make it easy to request items back by packing similar items together (i.e. holiday decorations, winter wardrobe or camping equipment).

Follow the packing rules.

Doorage containers have a 50-pound maximum. Distribute heavier items at the bottom of the containers. Always remember to follow our rules for items not allowed into storage.


Storage rule no.5

Please keep your information updated.

This includes your address, email, billing information and phone number.