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Why Storage Sucks (And Why We Don’t)

When it comes to storage in Chicago, we don’t want to toot our own horn, but we think we do a bang-up job of offering good storage. Heck, even great storage! So, when we say ‘storage sucks,’ we’re talking about traditional self-storage units. Because, personally, we don’t think our door-to-door storage service sucks, and once you try us out, you won’t think we suck either. Keep reading to learn about all the ways in which we definitely do not suck.

Why Regular Self-Storage Sucks

Storage Units Can Be Dirty

We don’t want to crap on all self-storage units, but frankly, some of them are a little dirty. Because it’s self-storage, there’s no one ensuring the renters aren’t storing trash and rotting food in their storage units that could attract rats and bugs that the storage facility owner might never even be aware of. Then, all of that gets passed down to the next renter. At Doorage, we’re in our climate-controlled warehouse every day. We have rules against storing perishables and other items that could become hazardous, but if someone happens to miss that section and packs a McDonald’s Happy Meal in their storage box, we’ll sniff it out before it contaminates another person’s items.

One Person’s Mistake Can Cost You

People are crazy. What happens if one person’s crazy ex-spouse comes and torches their storage unit in an act of arson that happens to be right next to yours? While you can take out insurance on your items in storage (which you really should if you put stuff into a storage unit regardless of which company you use), you can’t get that stuff back once it’s gone. While we can’t control natural disasters or accidents or crazy people, we can help keep your items safe by only letting authorized personnel into our storage warehouse.

You Need A Car

A lot of Chicagoans don’t have cars because, well, we don’t need them and driving in the city is a pain in the rear. That means if a local resident needs to move some large items or multiple boxes into storage, they have to rent a truck just to do it. Just make your life easier by letting us handle it. Our drivers are on the roads every day and are pros at navigating the heavy traffic. Plus, it’s our job to move your stuff to storage. You already have a job, so don’t waste any time doing ours.

You Have To Pay For Storage Space That You Don’t Use

At a self-storage facility, you pay for a storage unit whether it’s full to the brim or not. That sucks. If the only thing you need to store is one long, oddly-shaped piece of furniture that won’t fit into a 5×5 unit, then you’re going to have to bump up to a bigger unit that will be mostly empty. At Doorage, you only pay for the exact volume of space you use. We don’t make you pay for the air above your futon.

Most Storage Facilities Lock You Into Contracts

You’ll be hard pressed to find a storage unit that doesn’t have some sort of lease. Typically these leases are for six months or a year, with some storage facilities offering three-month leases. So, what happens if you only need to store something for a month? Or a week? Like we said above, you only pay for the volume of space you use. So, it stands that if you have one bin in storage on the first of the month, and have it delivered back to you the next week, that you are no longer taking up space in our warehouse and therefore will not be charged for any storage space. If you’re locked into a long-term contract, that sucks money right out of your bank account, which sucks.

Choose The Non-Sucky Option For Storage

When it comes to Chicago storage, you can’t beat the service you get with our door-to-door storage company. Discover the difference that storing with Doorage makes today!