Free Pickup, Free Delivery, $1 Moves You In*

Stress-Free Storage. Incredibly Affordable.

*Free pickup includes truck, team, and labor. $1 for first prorated month! See full terms & conditions for details.


We pickup. We store. We deliver.

Doorage is a door-to-door storage provider using the latest technology to bring convenient, affordable, and safe storage to consumers nationwide.

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We come to pick up your items you need stored.


We store your items in our secure warehouse.

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We deliver any items you need back anytime.

Check Out Our Limited Time Offers!

limited time offer

Summer 2 Month Discount

Book for two months and get a 10% on your monthly storage

*Off-Requires 2 Full Renewals

*Does not apply to student storage.

limited time offer

Summer 5 Month Discount

Book for five months and get a 20% on your monthly storage

*Off-Requires 5 Full Renewals

*Does not apply to student storage.

limited time offer

Summer 8 Month Discount

Book for eight months or more, and get a 30% on your monthly storage

*Off-Requires 8 Full Renewals

*Does not apply to student storage.

Choose How You Store!

At Doorage, we let you decide on how you want to save. Need long-term storage? Use our discounts for free pickup and half off the entire time you store. Need short-term storage? Choose free pickup or half off your storage. Valet storage is your ideal alternative to a self-storage unit in Chicago.

We also let you decide how you store. You can reserve your space with our store by room option, which is a snap to book. You can also choose to store by volume and pay only for the space you use. With store by volume, we will adjust your volume used every time you take items out of storage

Doorage storage

Storage By Room

Looking to store your storage by the room size? Then this one is for you! With storage by room, it is a flat set fee depending on your room size. All you have to do is pick the room size of your choice, it is that easy.

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Storage By Volume

Only pay for what you need with storage by volume. You will use our quick and easy storage calculator to calculate your estimated storage volume.


Delivery FAQs

Never worry if you will see your stuff again. Doorage has never lost an item in storage.

no bugs

Self storage is dirty. No pests, weather, or break-ins. Your items are safe at our high security, climate and pest controlled facilities.

Doorage pricing

Don’t get tricked by pricing gimmicks! With Doorage, your rates are locked for life. We will never raise your rates.

Doorage app

Put the power of on demand storage at your fingertips. Place orders, see your items in storage, and request deliveries right from your phone.

Storage With Pickup Made Easy

We understand that storing away belongings is a chore. That’s why we’ve made it easy. Doorage doesn’t overcharge you and makes storage stressful like other competitors. Our valet storage method is simple, easy, and tailored with you in mind.

Tailored Solutions
We have storage solutions for everyone. Pick how you want to store and our team will pre-drop all of your packing containers and materials. If you change your space requirements, we will adjust your pricing to the lower level automatically. On the day of pickup, our team will prepare all of your items for safe storage, just sit back and let our team take care of everything.

Zero Onboarding Fees 
Never worry about ridiculous extra charges to have our team pickup your storage. Doorage doesn’t charge extra for drive time to or from your location, and your storage price will stay the same as when you moved in.

Specialty Packing
Self Packing? No way. Whether you have items that don’t fit into standard containers or you just don’t feel like packing, Doorage will take care of all your specialty packing and storage needs. You don’t have to truck over to a storage facility either. We come to you!

moving boxes

A Storage Experience Like No Other

  • Guaranteed Pricing

    Clear pricing with no ridiculous fees for onboarding or storing less than three months. Your rates are locked in for as long as you store.

  • Exact Pickup/Delivery

    Our team and trucks will be there on your scheduled pickup and delivery. No estimated dates or times.

  • Professional Team

    From the first pickup to the final delivery, our team of professionals will take care of everything to bring you the ultimate valet storage service.

The Only Door To Door Storage Company With a Nationwide Delivery Area!

Doorage offers convenient storage with pick up in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison.

Storage pickup available to Columbus, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, and Dayton summer of 2020.

Our team can deliver your items in storage anywhere in the nation. Call one of our customer service reps for detailed information and pricing on nationwide delivery.

Storage Convenience at Your Fingertips

  • Provide More Space at Home
  • Help Organize Home Renovation
  • Empty Dorm Room for Summer
  • Keep Business Inventory Organized
  • Swap Out Seasonal Clothing & Holiday Decor 
  • Stage Your Home for Sale 
  • Make More Closet Space 
  • Declutter Your Home

Safe. Secure. Easy.

We’re Way More Than Just Storage



Doorage is the modern way to move. First, we changed the storage world, and then we changed how people move. Our entire move process makes moving easy and fun again.

Door-to-Door Storage Delivery

Pickup Service

Doorage On Demand lets you book a truck and helper for all kinds of store or online purchase pickups

Door-to-Door Storage Delivery

Delivery Service

Need something delivered somewhere? Doorage On Demand is your truck and helper….on demand.

Doorage closet storage

Moving Box Rental

Feel like a little DIY with your move? No problem, we have you covered with our reusable rental moving boxes for commercial and residential use.

Doorage storage delivery

Material Delivery

Need some moving materials? Our team is here to deliver on your material needs, no matter where you’re located.

Doorage furniture storage

Packing & Unpacking

Our trained team can come pack before your move or help you unpack after your move.

The Easy Choice for Door to Door Storage

Apartment Storage

No space in your city loft or apartment? Doorage is an extension of your home. Use us for seasonal clothing storage, luggage storage, furniture storage, and anything else that is taking up valuable floor space.

Storage for Home

Door to Door storage is perfect for homeowners. Keep your stuff out of that musty basement and store it with Doorage. Need to stage your home before listing? Our storage is perfect for that. Have a renovation coming up? No sweat, let us take care of your storage with pickup included.

Office & Business Storage

Retail and office space is at an all-time high. Keep your seasonal overstock with Doorage and make use of all that floor space. Need document and file storage, we can do that too. Anything your business needs stored can be handled by the pros at Doorage.

Student Storage

When school is out for summer, Doorage is ready to do all the heavy lifting. Don’t drag everything back home to sit in the dining room, store it with Doorage. Doorage is the leader in college student storage and has become the most trusted name in student storage. Our team can even help with all the packing and even ship items to your home.