How do you do, fellow kids? You know what’s super lit right now? Choosing a Gucci student storage service that makes everything in life *fire emoji*! When college is *poop emoji*, make sure you stay woke and pick Doorage for your student storage in Chicago. Self-storage just got a glow-up, and we’re not salty about it. In fact, this new way to store stuff is *insert more fire emojis here*

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, this storage company is so hip with the times!” Well, you’d be wrong. Because we had to Google all of those Gen-Z terms above. But the good news is that while we might not be too good at talking like a college student, we are good at providing them with student storage solutions that make sense. We believe this is where you’d throw in a, “You do you, bruh.”

The greater Chicago area is full of colleges and universities, from the University of Chicago to Loyola to Northwestern to DePaul and more, and many college students find themselves at the end of the semester needing short-term storage in the city.

If you’re going home for the summer, in the process of moving to a new apartment, or simply have too much stuff to fit in your dorm, we’ve got you covered. Doorage is a door-to-door storage company that makes storage in Chicago easy.

How Does Doorage Work?

If you were to rent a self-storage unit, you could be locked into a long contract, accidentally rent way more storage space than you need to, and/or have to find a way to get your stuff to and from that storage unit. As a college student, this all sounds like a nightmare.

At Doorage, we will bring you all of the storage boxes you need. Then, you can pack them up and schedule a good time for us to come collect the boxes. At this time, we can also pack up any bigger items you want to be stored like beds, bicycles, paddle boards, or other big or odd-shaped items.

We’ll meet you at your dorm or apartment, load everything into our trucks, and take it to our secure storage facility. We can keep it there over the summer while you’re off spending time with your family or backpacking through Europe. When you come back for the next semester and get all settled in your new place, just schedule a drop-off and we’ll bring everything back!

Doorage’s Student Storage Perks

When you choose us as your student storage provider, you never have to worry about getting to and from a storage unit. We’ll handle all of that for you. You can also enjoy the perk of knowing you’re choosing a company who uses reusable eco-friendly bins, as well as one who donates a percentage of our sales to breast cancer research and after-school programs.

However, the real perk of using our Chicago student storage service is that we’ll give you a $50 gift card to your university’s bookstore when we bring your stuff back from storage as a “thank you” for choosing us! You can use this to buy approximately 12% of a textbook, so, you know, you’re welcome. (You can also use this to buy school merchandise or snacks if your bookstore sells them!)

Learn more about our student storage in Chicago and get started with Doorage today!