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Turning Your Spare Room Into a Nursery

The excitement of welcoming a new member to the family is a feeling that is unlike any other. A baby can bring so much happiness into your life, but the idea of getting a nursery ready for the arrival of your bundle of joy may be overwhelming — especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. Ideally, you would upgrade to a larger size home or apartment to make space for the newest addition of the family, but this isn’t always possible for expecting parents. More often than not, they will work with the space that they have.

The good news is that if you have a spare room in your house or apartment it can easily be transformed into a nursery with a little planning and effort. At Doorage, we offer door to door storage services that make it easy for people to free up some space in their homes. Our storage solutions are perfect for expecting parents that need to transform a space in their home into a nursery. As small as babies are, you wouldn’t think they take up a lot of space. But they do. From furniture and toys to clothing and gear, your little one may have as much stuff in the house as you do — and they haven’t even been born yet! While nursery preparation may seem daunting, fear not!

How to Transform a Spare Room Into a Nursery

So, Operation: Nursery is underway. You may have put some thought into what space you want to dedicate to the newest arrival in the family. However, if you have a spare room in your home, you already have an ideal space that is ready and waiting to be transformed. Our storage experts put together some simple tips for turning a spare room into a nursery:

Organize and Declutter

You may have some work ahead of you if your spare room is currently occupied as a guest bedroom, home office, or another useful space. It’s time to start going through everything to make room for the nursery. Of course, you’re not going to just throw everything in there away, so will need to find a new home for the items that you plan on keeping. If you don’t have storage space in your home, this is where door to door storage solutions come in handy. Doorage will send durable storage containers to your home for you to fill with the items you want to be stored. Once the container is ready to go, Doorage will pick it up and bring it to a safe and secure storage facility. This is better than renting a self-storage unit — with Doorage, you only pay for the space your containers take up. Whenever you’re ready to get them back, Doorage delivers the containers back to you!

Once you have found storage solutions for the items in the spare room that you plan to keep, go through what’s remaining and decide whether to donate it or throw it away. You can donate any unwanted items to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army, give them to friends and family, or try selling them on online social marketplaces. Once the spare room is clear you can start planning out everything that you will need to transform the space.

Decluttering to repurpose space in the home

Choose Colors and a Theme for the Nursery

You’ll probably want to change the color and feel of the room to ensure that it comfortably accommodates everyone in your family! The color and theme of a baby nursery can give the entire room a unique look and feel that your baby will enjoy growing and learning in. It is recommended to pick a color palette and theme that they aren’t likely to grow out anytime soon. Some popular nursery themes include:

  • Forest or nature – For a soothing and calm atmosphere, green is the perfect color. Woodland creatures or other nature themes can easily be achieved with this color scheme by adding fun toys and decor.
  • Beach or water – Whether you decided on a beach or under the sea theme, blue is a great color to go with. Similar to being near the ocean, incorporating blue into a room will make your baby feel serene and comfortable.
  • Minimalist and modern – For minimal and modern nursery spaces, many parents incorporate black decor and accents. Things can be kept simple by combining black with white or made more interesting with brighter shades.
  • Patterns and plaids – Patterns are also very popular in nurseries, especially plaid. Plaid can be used to create a lumberjack theme or a more simple space. Patterns used with neutral tones and minimal decor will make your nursery cozy and enjoyable!


Once you have decided on a theme or color palette, you’ll want to start looking for the essentials you need to get started.

Turning the spare room into a nursery

Get Furniture and Other Nursery Accessories

With your color palette and theme in mind, you’ll want to start filling the nursery with the essentials you need. To start, you’ll want to find a crib that meets safety standards and bedding, a changing table, and a chair — consider a rocking chair or glider — so that you will have a comfortable place to sit. Additionally, you’ll want to start incorporating decor, such as a rug, curtains, and framed images, to add some personality to the space.

You also won’t want to forget about storage. It’s crazy how the tiniest people need the most stuff — toys, diapers, books, clothes, gear, it all needs to go somewhere. Look for storage that will meet your needs both today and tomorrow. Open-bin storage is great to keep blankets and gear and can be easily transitioned into toy boxes as your baby grows older. Consider installing wall shelves near your changing table to keep supplies and adding bins and baskets to bookshelves to separate and organize various items.

There you have it! With some planning and effort you can easily transform a spare room into a comfortable and cozy nursery for your new arrival.

Get Your Nursery Ready With Help From Doorage

If you need to get a nursery ready, easily store the items you don’t currently need with Doorage’s door to door storage solutions.

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